Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2017 Recipients

Undergraduate Posters

Sonam Lhamo, University of Texas at El Paso
Conductivity of CsH2PO4 and SiO2 composites under ambient and humid conditions over time

Kassie Marble, Tarleton State University
Testing the suitability of a newly engineered smart substrate (VYO4: Er+3, Yb+3, @Nd+3 nanoparticles) for future remote temperature sensing experiments

Carlos Cuellar, University of Texas at El Paso
Nanoscale Complexity in Room Temperature Ionic Liquid Mixtures: New Properties for Advanced Applications

Undergraduate Talks

John Jones, University of Dallas
Kepler K2 Observations and Modelling of Algol-type binary KIC201325017

Monica Lou, University of Texas at Dallas
Tracking Reactive Oxygen Species Activated Drug Activity on DNA Chips

Brian Collier, Texas State University
Magneto-Optical Faraday Effect in NiO and NiFeO Thin Films

Emily Churchman, Texas Lutheran University
Characterization of ParTI Phoswiches Using Charged Pion Beams

Akshat Tripathi, University of Texas at Arlington
Fast Data Readout with Microcontrollers For High Energy Physics

Graduate Posters

Elizabeth Sizemore, Texas Christian University
Exploring the Use of Graphene Oxide as Imaging/Sensing/Delivery Platform

Hope Murphy, Texas Christian University
Characterizing the efficacy of anticancer drug treatment using mathematical models

Juan Servin, University of Texas at Dallas
Corrections imposed by the Schwarzschild spacetime on the parameter space and bound debris of tidal disruption events

Graduate Talks

Matthew Proctor, University of Texas at Dallas
Modeling the Effects of Equatorial Ionospheric Disturbances on High Frequency Transmissions Through Ray Tracing

Milinda Pattanayak, Texas Tech University
Electrical switching, loop hysteresis and charge oscillation in VO2 micro-channel devices

Daniel Nagasawa, Texas A&M University
Chemical Abundance Measurements of Ultra-Faint Dwarf Galaxies Discovered by the Dark Energy Survey

Michael Hartos, Texas A&M University – Commerce
Impact of 7Be(alpha, gamma) reaction on Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

Matthew Stein, Southern Methodist University
A Preliminary Study of Frenkel Defects from SuperCDMS Soudan