Student Presentation Awards

Spring 2000 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Danielle Rabidas
[A3.07] Study of the Level 1 Trigger Rate for GLAST
Danielle Rabidas, Daniel Suson, Raymond Detiveaux (Texas A & M University-Kingsville)

Zachary Rouse
[A1.14] Design and Construction of a Non-Ferrous Capacitive Pressure Gauge
Zachary Rouse, Stephen R. Savitski, Glenn Agnolet (Texas A & M University)

Graduate Students

Tracy Benninger
[A3.08] Physics with the Initial State Radiation Events at B-Factory Experiments
Tracy L. Benninger, Xinchou Lou (University of Texas at Dallas), William M. Dunwoodie (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)

Will Grigsby
[A1.06] Inelastic Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy of Deuterated Species Using Self Assembling Tunnel Junctions
Will Grigsby (Texas Aamp;M University), Darin Zimmerman (Penn State Altoona College), Glenn Agnolet (Texas A & M University)

K. T. Kapale
[A2.09] Nonequilibrium Master Equation Approach to the Condensate Statistics of an Ideal Bose Gas
K. T. Kapale, V. V. Kocharovsky, M. O. Scully, M. Suhail Zubairy (Department of Physics and Institute for Quantum Studies, Texas A & M University, College Station, TX 77843)

Roman Kolesov
[A2.10] The resolution of gamma-ray laser dilemma
Roman Kolesov (Texas A & M University)

Hatcher Tynes
[B1.01] Polarotaxis in Nature: If they can see it, why can't we?
Hatcher Tynes, George Kattawar (Texas Aamp;M University Department of Physics)