Student Presentation Awards

Fall 1995 Recipients

Scott V. Franklin, UT Austin, "Plasticity and the motion of dislocations through a discrete lattice"

S. Liu, Texas Tech U., "Infrared and optical investigation of hydrogenated amorphous carbon (a-C:H) and its alloys (a-C:H4N3F)"

E. Parkey  U. North Texas, "Mechanism for the formation of mounds and pits on gold using scanning tunneling microscopy"

T. Sauncy, Texas Tech U., "Temperature dependent lifetime and press ure studies of self-activated photoluminescence in doped GaAs"

Mark Sosebee, UT Austin, "Searches for supersymmetry with the D0 de tector" ;

S. F. Yelin, Max Planck Institut fur Quantenoptik and TAMU, "Quantum corrections to the Lorentz-Lorentz formula"

D. Young, Texas Tech U., "Study of slow wave structures in a backward wave oscillator."