Student Presentation Awards

Spring 1996 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Alfredo Aranda, UT El Paso, "Phase space correlations in nuclear fragmentation."

Anne Mitchell, UT San Antonio, "Spectroscopic properties of YAG:Cr3+, Tm3+, Ho3+."

Graduate Students

Amir Azordegan, U North Texas, "Charge state dependence of L-shell x-ray production cross section for 4-14 Mev oxygen ions on 29Cu."

Kevin Morris, Texas A&M U, "Jet-cooled fluorescence spectra and carbonyl wagging of 2-chlorocyclopentanone."

Raymond Nazzario, Baylor U, "Dust bands of the planet Mars."

E. G. Roth, U North Texas, "Profiling hydrogen in materials using ion beams."