Student Presentation Awards

Fall 1999 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Martha Navarro
[T22.08] A Semi-Classical Model to Study Nuclear Fragmentation
Martha Navarro (University of Texas at El Paso), Ariel Chernomoretz, Claudio Dorso (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Jorge Lopez (University of Texas at El Paso)

Alexis Thompson
[S12.02] Holographic Grating Relaxation Studies of Molecular Diffusion in a Nematic Liquid Crystal
Alexis L. Thompson, Wesley C. Campbell, Daniel R. Spiegel (Department of Physics, Trinity University)

Graduate Students

Jose Aguilar
[G42.04] Computer Simulations of The Early Stages Formation of Sn-Cu Alloys
Jose Aguilar, Ramon Ravelo (Physics Department and Materials Research Institute, University of Texas at El Paso), Michael Baskes (MST-8, Los Alamos National Laboratory)

Zane Arp
[H54.03] Spectroscopic Investigations of the Ground and Electronic Excited States of Indan
Zane Arp, Sachie Sakurai, Kevin Morris, Jaan Laane (Texas A&M University)

Ethan Honda
[S13.06] Oscillons and the Fine Structure of the non-linear Klein Gordon equation
Ethan Honda, Matthew Choptuik (Center for Relativity, The University of Texas at Austin)

James Lancaster
[F36.03] Spin-dependent studies of interactions between electron-spin-polarized He^+ ions and CO_2-covered surfaces
J.C. Lancaster, F.J. Kontur, F.B. Dunning, G.K. Walters (Physics Department and the Rice Quantum Institute, Rice University, 6100 S. Main Street, Houston, Texas 77005)

Windell Oskay
[H54.06] Recovering the Classical Limit with Noise in the Quantum Kicked Rotor
W.H. Oskay, V. Milner, D.A. Steck, M.G. Raizen (The University of Texas at Austin