Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2006 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Morgan Lynch, Angelo State University
[P1.00028] The Field Emission Properties of Gallium Nitride Nanoribbons
Morgan Lynch, Yudong Mo, Jose Perez

Jorge Munoz, UT El Paso
[OT1.00006] Probabilistic aspects of isoscaling
Jorge Munoz, Jorge Lopez, Claudio Dorso, Carlos Hernandez

Eric Pepin, University of Dallas
[OT1.00008] Interaural Coherence and Localization
Eric Pepin

Ezekiel Walker, Abilene Christian University
[HEP2.00009] Implementation of Vertex Reconstruction in the Search for Resonances in the 1610-1770 MeV Invariant Mass Region
Ezekiel Walker

Graduate Students

S. A. Bates, Texas Christian University
[P1.00013] FTIR Isotopic Study of the nu_1(sigma) Stretching Mode of Linear CrC_3 Condensed in Solid Ar
S. A. Bates, C. M. L. Rittby, W. R. M. Graham

Eunsin Lee, Texas A&M University
[HEP1.00008] Search for Heavy, Long-Lived Particles that Decay to Photons at CDF
Eunsin Lee, Max Goncharov, David Toback, Peter Wagner, Vyacheslav Krutelyov

M. P. Nadesalingam, UT Arlington
[P1.00009] Observation of the high sensitivity of Positron Annhilation induced Auger electron spectroscopy to thermally induced changes in the oxidation state of Cu atoms at the surface of previously oxidized Cu(100)
M. P. Nadesalingam, S. Mukherjee, N. Fazleev, B. R. Davis, J. Zhu, A. H. Weiss

Emmanuel Nenghabi, Texas Tech University
[CMP1.00002] Structural and electronic properties of the germanium-based clathrates Ge_46 and Ba_8Ge_46
Emmanuel Nenghabi, Charley Myles