Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2014 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Elizabeth Carlisle, Abilene Christian University
[J4.00005] Image stacking through a geometrical phase retrieval algorithm for JWST (Oral)
Elizabeth Carlisle, Scott Acton

Ruy Ibanez, University of Texas at Austin
[E4.00001] Observation of the Stratorotational Instability in Flow between Rotating Concentric Cylinders (Oral)
Ruy Ibanez, Bruce Rodenborn, Harry Swinney

Randy White, Texas A&M University
[H4.00001] Sensitivity to New Physics with the gDelayed + MET Final State (Oral)
Randy White

Graduate Students

Aditya Konduri, Texas A&M University
[B3.00005] Asynchrony-tolerant finite difference method for partial differential equations at extreme scales (Oral)
Aditya Konduri, Diego Donzis

Cedric Mayfield, University of Texas at Arlington
[H5.00011] Determining the Stability Zone for Single Phase Synthesis of Fe doped Bismuth Titanate Water-Splitting
Photocatalysts (Oral)
Cedric Mayfield, Muhammad Huda

Brett Salmon, Texas A&M University
[E4.00009] The Star-Formation Rate and Stellar Mass Relation of Distant Galaxies (Oral)
Brett Salmon