Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2009 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Ryan Hall, UT Austin
[D1.00019] Characterization of Electronics and Software in QUARTIC Detectors for High-Energy Physics
Ryan Hall

Matthew James, Angelo State University
[G1.00002] Temperature dependence of the internal piezoelectric field in a single InGaAs strained quantum well
Matthew James, Toni Sauncy

T. Jones, UT M. D. Anderson Cancer Center
[B2.00007] Altering Beamline Components to Reduce the Cost of Prostate Cancer Treatment
T. Jones, A. Geibler, R. Zhang, W. D. Newhauser

Andrea Katz, Trinity University
[B4.00003] Investigation of Carbon Abundance in the Crab Nebula
Andrea Katz, Timothy Satterfield, Gordon MacAlpine

Travis Neeley, Sam Houston State University
[C1.00006] Zr Doping Effects on LiFePO_4 Cathode Materials for Lithium-Ion Batteries
Travis Neeley, Jacob Hill, Julio Sanchez-Berlanga, Gan Liang, Hui Fang

Thomas Remmert, Texas State University – San Marcos
[B4.00009] Analyzing broadband electromagnetic pulses to geo-locate lightning
Thomas Remmert

Graduate Students

Robert Bruntz, UT Arlington
[G2.00004] Simulating the viscous interaction under a variety of solar wind conditions, with some comparisons to satellite data
Robert Bruntz, Ramon Lopez, Micah Weberg, John Lyon, Michael Wiltberger

Rajarshi Chakraborty, UT Arlington
[D1.00023] Chemical vapor deposition of nanodiamonds and study of their structural, optical, and electronic properties
Rajarshi Chakraborty, Kyle La Roque, Suresh Sharma

Martin Codrington, Texas A&M University
[G4.00005] Gamma-Jet Measurements in Au+Au Collisions with the Solenoidal Tracker At RHIC (STAR)
Martin Codrington

Wenlong Yang, Texas A&M University
[G3.00005] Optical precursor in Rb Vapor
Wenlong Yang, Alexei Sokolov

Xiang Zheng, Texas A&M University
[C1.00012] NMR Studies of Sn clathrates
Xiang Zheng, Sergio Rodriguez, Joseph H. Ross, Jr.