Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2008 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Kunal Bhatnagar, Angelo State University
[B2.00002] Interfacial Barrier Height by Internal Photoemission for Metal/Oxide/Semiconductor Structure
Kunal Bhatnagar, Nhan Nguyen

Amanda Gregory, Texas State University – San Marcos
[D1.00017] The Effect of Plastic deformation on the Magnetic Properties of thin Iron and Permalloy Films
Amanda Gregory, Kyle Smith, Clayton Moore, Anup Bandyopadhyay, Dan Palmer, Wim Geerts, Martin Sablik

James Matthews, Angelo State University
[C2.00006] Characterization and Design of Two-Axis Bi-Directional Microstages
James Matthews, Tim Dallas, Ganapathy Sivakumar

Allison McMahon, Angelo State University
[H3.00004] Construction of a cost effective optical tweezers for manipulation of birefringent materials using circularly polarized light
Allison McMahon, Toni Sauncy

Henry Schreiner, III, Angelo State University
[J3.00002] Electronic Structure Calculations of NiTi Based Ternary Systems
Henry Schreiner, III, Jung-Hwan Song, Nicholas Hatcher, Arthur J. Freeman

Sarvagya Sharma, Abilene Christian University
[B3] Track Reconstruction for the NIFFTE TPC
Sarvagya Sharma

Alexander White, Abilene Christian University
[E5.00007] Introduction to NIFFTE and its Data Acquisition System
Alexander White

Graduate Students

Paul Bruillard, Texas A&M University
[B3.00005] On the Connection Between Chiral Gravity and String Theory
Paul Bruillard, Melanie Becker

Sean Downes, Texas A&M University
[B3.00002] Chiral Supergravity in Three Dimensions
Sean Downes, Melanie Becker, Ergin Sezgin

Eddie Holik III, Texas A&M University
[J4.00002] A New Design and Model for Plasma Spraying with an Inductively Coupled RF Plasma Torch
Eddie Holik III, Peter McIntyre, Akhdiyor Sattarov

Manuel Ramos, UT El Paso
[J5.00008] Computational modeling on molybdenum sulfide grain boundary interfaces
Manuel Ramos

Sergio Rodriguez, Texas A&M University
[B4.00006] Calculation of NMR lineshapes for Ba-Al-Ge clathrates
Sergio Rodriguez, Weiping Gou, Joseph Ross