Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2018 Recipients

Graduate Talks

Melia Bonomo, Rice University
“The pepitope Model Quantifies a Novel Antigenic Distance to Predict Influenza Vaccine Effectiveness”

Timothy Burt, University of Houston
“Size and topology modulate the effects of frustration in protein folding”

Ziping Ye, University of Houston
“Detect Supernova Neutrinos with DarkSide-20k Liquid Argon Time Projection Chamber

James Liman, Rice University
“The role of actin filament brancher Arp2/3 in the dynamics and structures of actomyosin networks”

Undergraduate Talks

Deboar Mroczek, University of Houston
“Data Compression and Machine Learning for Quantum States”

Harsh Arya, University of Texas at Arlington
“A new design of an electrostatic quadrupole quadruplet focusing lens system for low MeV multi-ion micro-beam”

Boting Wang, Southern Methodist University
“Visualizing the sensitivity of hadronic experiments to nucleon structure”

Jiao An, University of Texas at Arlington
“First-principle Study of the TiO2 Single-walled Nanotubes for Photocatalysis”

Graduate Posters

Ram Neupane, University of Houston
“Enhanced Visible Light Activity in Titania Nanotube Based Heterojunction Photocatalysts for Solar Fuel Generation”

Hawra Alghasham, Texas Tech University
“Scanning Diffracted-Light images”

Undergraduate Posters

Marielle Gaspar, University of Texas at San Antonio
“Machine Learning Model to Predict Failure Modes of TRISO Particles under High-Temperature Gas-Cooled Reactor Accident Conditions”

Ethan McGee, Texas Tech University
“Simultaneous Photometry: Vetting Exoplanets via the Transit Method”