Student Presentation Awards

Spring 1995 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

D. Brain, Rice University, "Effect of Comet Shoemaker Levy 9 on the Jovian magnetosphere."

Robert Haaser, University of Dallas, "Analysis of potential health h azard near power-lines."

Steven Stubblefield, UT San Antonio, "Spectroscopic characterization of Bamgar:Nd33D (2 at. wt. %), a potential laser material."

Graduate Students

Dan Bruton, Texas A&M University, "The collision of comet Shoemaker -Levy 9 with Jupiter."

Neil Koone, Texas Christian University, : "Temperature dependence and surface modification effects of acetone diffusion within porous sol-gel silica glass"

Paul Sagear, Texas A&M University, "Ring-bending and carbonyl inversi on potential energy functions of jet-cooled 3-cyclopenten-1-one in its S1(n,E3*) electro nic excited state by laser induced fluorescence excitation."

John Wolfgang, East Texas State University, "First and second hyperpolarizabilities of liquid crystal molecules."