Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2011 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Dawn Lipscomb, UT-San Antonio
[H1-15] Determining favorable Binding Configurations of the Anti-Cancer Drug Ellipticine to the KV11.1 Potassium Channel V-VI Transmembrane Domain Through Autodock Simulations.
Dawn Lipscomb, Saverio Gentile, Lorenzo Brancaleon

Christopher Benson, Texas A&M
N8-3] Structured Cable for High-current Coils of Tokamaks.
Christopher Benson, Peter McIntyre, Akhdiyor Sattarov, Thomas Mann

Mauricio Flores, UT Brownsville
[F6-2] The Effect of white non-stationary Data on drifting Signal Detection.
Mauricio Flores, Alexander Stroeer, Matthew Benacquista

Graduate Students

Kunal Tiwari, UT Arlington
[H1-36] Evidence for evanescent waves at interfaces in a high-index prism/liquid-crystal-Au-NPs/glass/air structure and effects of relative concentration of fold nanoparticles, wavelength, polarization, and incident angle of the laser beam.
Kunal iwari, Ankit Singh, Suresh Sharma

Andrew Liao, Texas A&M
[N7-4] In Vitro Microtubule and Motor Protein Motion on Glass.
A.L. Liao, A. Sikora, D. Oliveira, K. Kim, M. Umetsu, T. Adschiri, W. Hwang, W. Teizer.

Denis Myasishchev, Texas Tech
[F5-3] Thermal Conductivity and Specific Heat of Ni nanowires.
Denis Myasishechev, Nenad Stojanovic, Tryo Mils, Jordan Berg, Mark Holtz.