Fall 2022 Recipients

Fall 2022 Recipients

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Poster Awards:

  1. Brandon Khek (Rice University): Gamma Ray Source Localization for a Time Projection Chamber Telescope using Convolutional Neural Networks
  2. Isaac Kelly  (University of Dallas): Design of Next-Generation Analog Readout for Novel Neutron Detector

Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Awards:

  1. Jaanita Mehrani (Rice University): Hydrodynamic Simulations of Au-Au Collisions from the STAR Experiment
  2. Ray Hagimoto (Rice University): Searching for axion-like particles through CMB birefringence from string-wall networks

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation Awards:

  1. Eduardo A Dagnino (University of Houston): Applying the DUNE convolutional neural network to ICARUS liquid argon TPC data
  2. Joshua Ange (Southern Methodist University): Characterization of XIA UltraLo-1800 Response to Measuring Charged Samples for Dark Matter Backgrounds
  3. Jakob Nielsen (Texas A&M University): Textured Ceramic Membranes for Desilting and Deoiling of Produced Water in the Permian Basin
  4. Wisha Wanichwecharungruang (Rice University): Simulating Nonlinear Dynamics of Vector Dark Matter with Self-Interactions

Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards:

  1. Eduardo Ibarra Garcia Padilla (Rice University): Quantum Simulation of the Hubbard Model: Higher Symmetries and New Architectures
  2. Christopher Marble (Texas A&M University): New insights into hydrogen bonding: hyper-Raman spectroscopy of DMSO-water solution
  3. Danyel Cavazos-Cavazos (Rice University): Temperature crossover between a coherent and an incoherent Luttinger liquid
  4. MacKenzie Warrens (Rice University): Shockwaves in Exponential Ultracold Neutral Plasmas
  5. Rutik Manikandhan (University of Houston): Calculation of Specific Heat at 3 GeV in Au-Au FXT collisions
  6. Shixiao Liang (Rice University): Search for New Physics in Electronic Recoil Data from XENONnT