Fall 2023 Recipients

Fall 2023 Recipients

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Poster Awards:

  1. Liam Daly (University of North Texas): Characterization of Topological Quantum Materials by Terahertz-Time Domain Spectroscopy
  2. Seung Jun Ryu  (Angelo State University): Double-mode RR Lyrae Variables in TESS Selected by GAIA
  3. Travis M Bishop (Texas Lutheran University): Gold Nanoparticle Synthesis, Characterization, and Photothermal Activation for Biomedical Application
    as a Bactericidal Agent
  4. Bridget Hughes (University of Dallas): Computational Inverstigation of the Effects of Post Translational Modifications and Cancer Mutation on PARP-2

Outstanding Graduate Student Poster Awards:

  1. Fatimah Habis (University of North Texas): Rational Design of Point Defects With Small Electron-Phonon Coupling in 2D Materials
  2. Sujan Pyakurel (Texas State University): Hole Transport Layer Optimization for a Triple Halide Perovskite Solar Cells using Poly-TPD

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Oral Presentation Awards:

  1. David Scherm (University of Texas at Dallas): Synthesis and chemical doping studies of select Cu- and Pt-based Delafossites
  2. George A Kidane (University of Texas at Dallas): Evaluation of 2-deoxy-glucose and glucose absorption in glioblastoma under normal and low oxygen conditions
  3. Sarvesh Raghuraman (University of Texas at Austin): Classical Simulability of Gaussian Boson Sampling
  4. Ravi Koka (University of Texas at Austin): Acceptance Studies of hadron-Λ Correlations for the ALICE Experiment, Using PYTHIA Monte Carlo pp Events
  5. Juston W Ward (Sam Houston State University): A Search for Magnetic Switchbacks in Parker Solar Probe Data and a Statistical Analysis of Associated Solar Wind Tangential Velocity

Outstanding Graduate Student Oral Presentation Awards:

  1. Daniel L Anable (University of Texas at Dallas): Monitoring Fructose Metabolism in Hypoxic Liver Cancer Cells Using 13C Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy
  2. Rohil Kayastha (Baylor University): Characterization of optical vortex beam in free space and optical fiber
  3. Arturo A Andujo (University of Texas at El Paso): Synthesis of magnetic Graphene Oxide and GO-Ferrocene hybrids at room temperature using new method of mechanical defects
  4. Sandeep Puri (Texas Tech University): Experimental Approach to Fission Fragment Propulsion System for Deep Space Exploration
  5. Miriam Ramos Arevalo (University of Texas Rio Grande Valley): Searching for Ultracompact White Dwarf Binaries in Globular Clusters