Student Presentation Awards

Fall 1996 Recipients

Zane Arp, Texas A&M University, "Vibrational Spectra and Pseudorotation of 1,3 Dithiolane and Tetrahydrothiophene."

A. W. Bigelow, University of North Texas, "A Compact Electrostatic Quadrupole Triplet Lens for a 200 kV Accelerator."

R. Coronado, University of Texas El Paso, "Signal Analysis Techniques for Gravity Wave Detection and Verification in Spacecraft Tracking Data."

D. R. Flanders, University of North Texas, "Experimental Investigation of Porous N-isopropylacrylamide (NIPA) Gels."

Chuguang He, Texas Tech University, "Madelung Energy Correction for Cluster Calculations of Defects in Compound Semiconductors."

L. Liu, Texas Tech University, "A Modified Single Photounting Technique for Determining Fluorescence Decay Times with Beta-Particle Sources."

C. A. Qualls, Texas A&M University-Commerce, "Spectral Analysis of Sonic Transducers Using Impulse Response Techniques."

K. F. Stephens, University of North Texas, "Space-Charge Saturated Electron Emission from a Plasma-Facing Material Surface"

Darin T. Zimmerman, Texas A&M University, "The Self-Assembling Tunnel Junction - An Adjustable Microscopic Junction for Vibrational Spectroscopy."