Student Presentation Awards

Fall 1997 Recipients

Undergraduate Students

Chris J. Bednar, Texas A&M University, "Optical Pumping in High-F Magnetic Systems"

J. L. Hastings, Texas Tech University, "The Interaction of Hydrogen with Vacancy Clusters in Silicon"

Phil McJunkins, Texas A&M University, "Computer Analysis and Modeling of an Eclipsing Binary Star"

Jordi Mompart, Texas A&M University, "Quantum-jump approach to amplification without inversion in closed three-level systems"

Remus Nicolaescu, Texas A&M University, "Linewidth Narrowing of a Pulsed Alexandrite laser using intracavity phase modulation"

T. D. Sauncy, Texas Tech University, "Excitation Intensity Dependent Photoluminescence Studies of (100(- and (111(-grown In 0.22Ga 0.78As/GaAs strained single quantum wells"

Hami E. Teal, University of North Texas, "Development of Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Based on Temperature Sensitive Gels"

Jagoda Mary Urban, Texas Christian University, "Doppler Broadening and Residual Gas Measurements of Rocks as a Function of Temperature"