Student Presentation Awards

Fall 2020 Recipients

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Presentation Award):

  1. Michelle Bui (UT Arlington): Comparing Approximate Total Current of the Dayside Magnetopause and the Force to Solar Wind Pressure 
  2. Mara Eccles (UT Austin): Experimental Method Development and Analysis of Pseudomonas aeruginosa Surface Attachment
  3. Sarah Evans (U Dallas): Using Non Standard Cosmological Models to Relieve HUbble Tension with CosmoEJS
  4. Alyson Laskowski (Trinity): Ultracold Collisions of Alkali Atoms
  5. Peter Hedleskyb (U Dallas): Investigation of Neutron Flux resolution and Efficiency of the Neutron Intercepting Silicon Chip
  6. Rebecca Preston (Texas A&M): Bayesian inference of neutron star crust properties using neutron skin constraint
  7. Ian Reyes (UTEP): Magnetic Properties of Frustrated Triangular Copper Based Qubits
  8. Nicholas Summerfield (UH): Investigating nature’s most perfect fluid using ultra-relativistic Xe-Xe collisions at the LHC

Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation Award):

  1. Nicholas Byrnes (UT Arlington): Development of an Optical Time Projection Chamber in Gaseous Xenon
  2. Jose Guerrero (UTEP): Combined Theoretical and Experimental Spectroscopic Study of Nordihydroguaiaretic Acid
  3. Alex Fairchild (UT Arlington): Previously unexplored source of genotoxic low-energy electrons from oxygen
  4. Peter Ferguson (Texas A&M): Using RR Lyrae to explore the three-dimensional structure of the Sagittarius dwarf spheroidal core
  5. Yu Hong (UT Arlington): Inter-hemispheric asymmetries of high-latitude electrodynamic forcing and their impact on the Ionosphere-Thermosphere system: GITM simulations
  6. Alex Johnson (UTEP): Self-Interaction Correction in f-Electron Systems
  7. Tre'Shunda James (UT Arlington): Estimate of Interhemispheric Conductivity Differences Using SuperMag Electroject Index and Interplanetary Magnetic Field Bz
  8. Fatemeh Kashami (UT Dallas): Energy Dissipation in Storms with Low Solar Wind Magnetosonic Mach Number
  9. Amber Roepe (Oklahoma): Optimization of Track Reconstruction for Long-Lived Particle Searches with the ATLAS Detector
  10. Caleb James Smith (Baylor): Search for Supersymmetric Top Quarks in the CMS Run 2 Data Set
  11. Ben Smithers (UT Arlington): LeptonInjector and LeptonWeighter): Neutrino event generation and weighting for neutrino observatories
  12. Jamie Stafford (UHouston): Hadronic resonances and thermal properties of strongly-interacting matter
  13. Adrian Thompson (Texas A&M): Axion-like Particles in the Laboratory
  14. Sebastian Torres-Lara (U Houston): Implementation of Future Liquid Noble Dark Matter Detectors into The SuperNova Early Warning System