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December 9, 2021

Higher Education in Palestine and Forum


Prof. Muayad M. Abu Saa,
Arab American University

See slides [Muayad_Abusaa_Slides]
Complement to the October 28 PHYSICS MATTERS colloquium by Prof. Dr. Ghaleb Natour. See recording:

The event was followed by a forum including:

  • Ercan Alp (Argonne National Laboratory and SESAME senior scientist)

  • Bernard Amadei (Engineer-Without-Frontiers founding president)

  • Zafra Lerman (Malta Conferences Foundation president)

  • Ghaleb Natour (Julich ZEA Institute director)

November 29, 2021

The Scientific Expedition Polarquest2021 – Save the Arctic White


Poala Catapano, Kevin Monneron and Mike Struik

See slides [Paola_Mike_Kevin_Slides]
Colloquium celebrating the One Year Anniversary of PHYSICS MATTERS launching event dating back from November 23, 2020. See the first event in this table.
October 28, 2021

Building Capacity for Palestine Research and Innovation


Ghaleb Natour
RWTH Aachen University

See slides [Ghaleb_Natour]
A follow-up event will take place on December 9th, when Prof. Muayad Abu Saa, Vice-President for Academic Affairs, will describe Palestinian Academic and Science.
September 30, 2021

New Horizons in Quantum Mechanics


Vahid Karimipour
Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran

See slides [Vahid_Karimipour].
This event has been co-hosted by Prof. Reza Ejtehadi, President of the Physics Society of Iran, who gives a short introduction on Physics in Iran [Reza_Ejtehadi_IntroSlide].
August 26, 2021

Sirius: The New Bright Lights to Science From the Southern Hemisphere

[Description_Harry Westfahl]

Harry Westfahl
Brazilian Synchrotron Light Laboratory, LNLS’s Director
July 15, 2021 

The Music of Physics


Eliam Gross
Weizmann Institute of Science
See slides [Eliam_Gross]

See Weizmann Nobel Laureate Prof. Ada Yonath explaining "
How do intruders take over their hosts?" (SCIENTIFika event organized in collaboration with ESS, MAXIV on the basis of APS March meeting “Chat with the Experts”) Prof. Ada Yonath, Israeli crystallographer, received her Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2009 for her pioneering work on the structure of the ribosome.  
June 15, 2021

SESAME: The New Adventure of the Middle East Women Scientists


Gihan Kamel
See slides [GihanKamel]
Following the lecture, more insights are shared with a scientific expert panel composed of:

• Andrea Lausi, SESAME Scientific Director
• Ghaleb Natour, Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics – Engineering and Technology (ZEA-1), Jülich, Director
• Bernard Amadei, UC Boulder and Engineers-without-Borders, President
• Zafra Lerman, Malta Conferences Foundation, President
• Joe Niemela, ICTP and FIP elected-Chair
• Alan Hurd, Los Alamos Laboratory and FIP Chair
• Christine Darve, ESS and FIP vice-Chair (organizer)

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May 20, 2021

Fluid Dynamics of Wildfires


Rod Linn 
Los Alamos National Laboratory and UCSD

Introduction to the Pakistani National Center for Physics (NCP) in Islamabad (Slides)
Hafeez Hoorani
March 29, 2021

Introduction to PHYSICS MATTERS 2021 and the SESAME Project

Christine Darve 
APS Forum on International Physics Vice-Chair

Andrea Lausi
Scientific Director of SESAME 
See slides [AndreaLausi]
March 29, 2021

How Physics Can Measure Tempo and Mode of Human Evolution


Claudio Tuniz
Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy
See slides [ClaudioTuniz]
December 21, 2020 The Adventure of Physics in Timing and Positioning – From a Cesium Atom to the Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Patrizia Tavella 
Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, Sèvres, France – Director of the Time Department
December 14, 2020 Governing the Digital Transformation

Sergio Bertolucci 
University of Bologna, Italy – Past CERN Director of Research and Scientific Computing, Geneva, Switzerland
December 7, 2020 Playing Lego With Layered Materials

Petra Rudolf 
University of Groningen, The Netherlands – President of the European Physical Society
November 30, 2020 Metrology and Inspiration for Science: The New International System of Units

Diederik Wiersma 
University of Florence, Italy – President of the Italian Metrology Institute, Turin, Italy
November 23, 2020 POLARQUEST – A Sailing Expedition to Measure Cosmic Rays (And Not Only) Beyond the Arctic Circle

Paola Catapano (CERN, Geneva Switzerland – Head of the Audiovisual Production Service for the CERN Communications Group and Project Leader of Polarquest)

Luisa Cifarelli (University of Bologna, Italy – FIP Chair and past President of the Centro Fermi, Rome, Italy)