About the Forum on International Physics

The Forum on International Physics, established in 1982, is a voluntary association of APS members who are interested in advancing the knowledge of physics and its diffusion by fostering cooperation and communication among physicists of all countries. The FIP organizes focused sessions at APS meetings, receives nominations for APS fellowships and the Wheatley Award, and communicates with its members via this page and a periodic Newsletter. The FIP also cooperates with several other APS bodies in charge of international scientific affairs. But the unique strength of the FIP lies in the openness of its agenda, which reflects the grass-roots origin of this Forum. Programs such as international book exchanges, equipment exchanges, travel grants, etc. have been established in the past as a result of individual initiatives of FIP members. So if you feel that something is missing in the area of international scientific cooperation, join the FIP and make it happen! And if you are already a member of the FIP, share the excitement with your colleagues and help us recruit even more volunteers!

Mission Statement

To advance the knowledge of physics and its diffusion by fostering cooperation and communication among physicists of all countries.

Goals, Strategies and Tactics

To achieve its mission, FIP:

  • Organizes sessions at APS meetings addressing major scientific issues of international importance;
  • Organizes, facilitates and supports projects and programs that foster international linkages;
  • Communicates with its members via internet, a newsletter, and other media concerning major issues;
  • Works to affect policies and procedures at the APS deemed favorable to APS members from foreign countries;
  • Oversees the Wheatley Award and the award of APS fellowships in FIP.

From the Membership

We welcome and encourage contributions from you and will be happy to post items of potential interest. Send your message to Carlos Bertulani.

Science and Society: The perspective of an Indian woman scientist
Anita Mehta, Associate Professor, S N Bose National Centre for Basic Sciences, Calcutta, and Visiting Professor, ESPCI, Paris

Your Opinion

This page is also intended to facilitate discussions of any topics of interest to members and friends of FIP. Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the APS, the FIP, or its elected officials. We are looking forward to your letter!


Chair: Luisa Cifarelli
Newsletter Editor: Maria Longobardi

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