PHYSICS MATTERS — On-line Colloquia Series

PHYSICS MATTERS — On-line Colloquia Series

as a “Physics for Development” initiative in COVID times

The APS Forum on International Physics (FIP) is pleased to announce the PHYSICS MATTERS on-line colloquia series. The main goal of these on-line colloquia as part of the “Physics for Development” program of FIP is to support international engagement for APS among students and early career physicists, targeting developing country audiences, especially in a time when, due to the COVID pandemic, travel is difficult or even impossible.

Watch the PHYSICS MATTERS trailer below

Credits: @CERN, video editor and director: Samuel Hertzog, authors: Paola Catapano and Luisa Cifarelli

The first phase of the PHYSICS MATTERS series is planned in the fall of 2020 from November to December, with weekly colloquia. We will start with recorded video colloquia that will be made available without registration. The speakers will talk in a way that stimulates curiosity and creates a flow of ideas that is both educational and interesting to a broad community.

In 2021 we plan to continue the PHYSICS MATTERS series including also live on-line colloquia that will primarily involve some test centers, selected from within the SESAME project partner countries, a project supported by the APS. Our goal is to enlarge the audience in the future to as many developing countries as possible.


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23 November 2020

Paola Catapano
(CERN, Geneva Switzerland – Head of the Audiovisual Production Service for the CERN Communications Group and Project Leader of Polarquest)
Luisa Cifarelli
(University of Bologna, Italy – FIP Chair and past President of the Centro Fermi, Rome, Italy)

POLARQUEST – A sailing expedition to measure cosmic rays (and not only) beyond the Arctic Circle

30 November
Diederik Wiersma
(University of Florence, Italy – President of the Italian Metrology Institute, Turin, Italy)

Metrology and inspiration for science: The new International System of Units

7 December

Petra Rudolf
(University of Groningen, The Netherlands – President of the European Physical Society)

Playing Lego with layered materials

14 December

Sergio Bertolucci
(University of Bologna, Italy – Past CERN Director of Research and Scientific Computing, Geneva, Switzerland)

Governing the digital transformation

21 December
Patrizia Tavella
(Bureau International des Poids et Mesures, Sèvres, France – Director of the Time Department)
The adventure of physics in timing and positioning – From a cesium atom to the Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Polarquest_Pictire.pngPhoto Credit: Mike Struik