Resources & Media Kit

See our Curriculum Tab for evidence-based resources to facilitate female students seeing themselves as a “physics person,” and becoming interested in physics careers. These include:

  • Careers in Physics - a 60-90 minute lesson on careers in physics, particularly those that help solve societal problems
  • Women in Physics - a 60-90 minute lesson on the underrepresentation of women in physics and the role of implicit bias and cultural stereotypes.
  • Everyday Actions - strategies for reducing marginalization in the classroom and recognizing students as physics people

Check out our General FAQ page here, or the Implementation FAQ [coming soon!] for specific questions about the lessons.

Register to be a part of the community and check out our STEP UP Ambassadors program to find teachers implementing the materials in your area. Ambassadors hold workshops to prepare new teachers with the lessons. There are more than 40 Ambassadors across 30 states, and many more teachers who have implemented the strategies who can help. To get ahold of a teacher, please use our Contact form and indicate "Connecting with an Ambassadors/STEP UP teacher".

Instructional Poster

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