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STEP UP is a national community whose research-based high school physics lessons empower teachers, create cultural change, and inspire young women to pursue physics in college. Help us support and increase our select group of STEP UP Ambassadors.

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Your gift will support Ambassadors as they train others to effectively reduce barriers for women in physics, and get the lessons into the hands of even more teachers this school year!

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“The STEP UP lessons help to start conversations with students that may have been difficult to start otherwise. As teachers, we often know the benefit of continuing to study physics but the facts and examples shared really make it clear to the students.”

Bree Barnett Dreyfuss
STEP UP Ambassador Program Coordinator

“[A past student] wrote me a message about majoring in a STEM field, and attributed the curriculum itself. This is why I plan on teaching these lessons in the coming year.”

Justin Fournier
Cypress High School, California