Presenter and Chair Instructions

65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 

October 30-November 3, 2023 • Denver, Colorado

Attendees of any APS in-person or virtual events are expected to meet standards of professional conduct as described in the APS Code of Conduct. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from future participation.

DPP Meeting 2023 - Presenter & Chair Instructions

DPP will live stream all sessions to a secure virtual platform. Recordings of these sessions will be available for on-demand viewing for three (3) months after the conference. 


All speakers should create a speaker profile that will be in the mobile app and virtual platform. To create your profile, login to the Speaker Console with your APS credentials. This will give all attendees a chance to connect. It is a great way to meet new colleagues and rekindle friendships from previous years.


All presenters and chairs must be registered for the meeting. Please make sure the email address you used to submit your abstract and the email address in your membership account match.


Register Now


Book Your Hotel by Sept. 28



Acceptance, Changes, License, and Consent To Record

Author notices will be sent mid-September to the email you used when submitting your abstract. Once you have accepted your abstract placement, you will receive an email to update your speaker profile and complete required paperwork. 


You can check the date and time of your presentation in the meeting Epitome


As part of your speaker profile, you must grant APS license to your abstract/presentation and complete the consent to record questions. Completing this information is mandatory. 


All Change Requests must be received at by September 19, 2023 at 5:00 pm EDT. Requests for changes will not be processed after this date. Author changes and/or additions will not be accommodated.


Change Request Policy 

  • Updates to the Abstract Content (Abstract Title, Body, and Co-Author List) will NOT be accepted 

  • If requesting a presenter change, the new presenter must be an existing co-author on your abstract and cannot be listed as speaker on another oral contributed abstract. The new presenter must register for the meeting. Depending on the time of your request, the new presenter may not be listed in the program.

  • Except in extreme circumstances, session changes cannot be accommodated. Requests for changes will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and may be made within the general constraints of the meeting.

In-Person/Virtual Presentations

As part of the abstract submission process you selected whether you planned to present in-person or virtually. If you need to change how you will present, please contact by September 25, 2023.


Session Presentation Instructions

In-person Presenters 

Please bring your computer or thumb drive to the session room and present from the lectern at the front of the room. If you plan on using your own computer, please DO NOT disconnect any of the cables on the lectern. A switcher will be provided. 

Remote Presenters 

The DPP Speaker Console through Bravura will be your one stop for presenting during Meeting. Note: Watching presentations will be through a separate webpage. The link will be posted to this page when available.

Follow these instructions for your presentation.

  • Login to the Speaker Console with your APS Credentials several days prior to the meeting. (You will not receive a separate Zoom link for your presentation.)

  • Confirm your session date and time is correct and set your Speaker Profile.

  • Thirty (30) minutes prior to the session, log into the Speaker Console to access your Zoom Link. You will be able to test your camera, sharing screen and microphone. Do not use the virtual platform for your presentation. The platform is only for viewing and you will not be able to share your screen, microphone or camera.

Please make sure that you have updated Zoom on your computer. We also have these tips for online presentations.


Poster Presentations Instructions

DPP organizers request ALL poster presenters–both in-person and virtual– upload a PDF of your poster (ePoster) and a 5 minute presentation to the virtual platform. The upload deadline is Wednesday, October 25, 2023. Note: High School and Undergraduates that want to be considered in the Student Award competition should upload their materials by October. 20.

New: All submissions uploaded by October 25, will have their poster available for viewing throughout the Meeting on ePoster Kiosks. This will expand access to your science to a larger audience. 

You can upload your poster and video in the Speaker Console after logging in with your APS credentials.


The upload link will be posted here once it is available.

In-person Poster Presenters

All poster sessions will take place in Plaza Ballroom ABC. Before affixing your poster to the board, be sure to check your poster board number in the Epitome. These are subject to change. Find up-to-date information in the online scientific program, mobile app, or at the information desk. Put your poster up in the specified location at least 30 minutes prior to the start of the session, and stay with your poster during the entire session. Push pins will be provided. Take your poster (plus any personal items) with you at the conclusion of the session; posters that are not removed may be disposed of

APS is not responsible for the security of personal belongings.

Your poster must fit on the provided poster board–48” high x 96” wide (4’ high x 8’ wide). Push pins to affix your poster to the poster board will be provided. Your poster must correspond to the title and content of the abstract listed in the Epitome.


Remote Poster Presenters

Posters from virtual presenters will be done differently for 2023. Please review this information carefully. The live presentation session will be held on Thursday, October 26 at 4:00 pm MDT online.

Please follow these steps to upload your poster and present live.

  • Login to the virtual platform Speaker Console to confirm your information and set your speaker profile. (Link will be provided when available)

  • Click on your poster and upload a one page PDF under documents and a 5 minutes video to the virtual platform via speaker console by October 25, 2023. All posters uploaded by October 25 will be accessible at the ePoster Kiosks onsite. High School and Undergraduates that want to be considered in the Student Award competition should upload their materials by October 20.

  • On the day of your presentation find your poster session on the virtual platform on October 26. You will give a 5 minute presentation and have 2 minutes for Q&A. This is a great opportunity to network with your fellow attendees. 



Being a Session Chair during DPP is a vital role during the meeting. Please review the information below prior to attending.


There was a Chair Briefing on Tuesday, October 24, 2023. If you were unable to participate we encourage you to watch the recording of the session. You can also review these presentation slides.

Before the Meeting

  • Confirm the date and time of the session you are chairing. This can be done in the Epitome or Mobile App.

  • You must be registered and attend the meeting in-person to chair a session(s). 

  • If you cannot chair your session, please contact

  • Login to the Speaker Console with your APS credentials and create your profile. (Link pending)

  • Stop by the Speaker Ready Room in Plaza Court 6 at the Sheraton  to familiarize yourself with the equipment in the session room.

During the Session

  • Arrive 30 minutes prior to the session. 

  • At the beginning of the session, announce the session title, briefly introduce yourself and explain the timing system.

    • Invited Presenters: 25 Minute Talk, 5 Minutes Q&A

    • Oral Presenters: 10 Minute Talk, 2 Minutes Q&A

  • Remind all attendees of the APS Code of Conduct.

  • Ask all presenters to stay at the podium so they will be on camera for the virtual audience. They should also use a microphone provided by the AV team.

  • Announce the first presentation and the author’s name, title and institution and start the timer. Note: introduce all speakers using the same format. 

  • Some presenters may be remote. The AV Technician will manage putting the speaker on the screen in the room for their presentation. 

  • If a paper is withdrawn or if a speaker fails to appear, DO NOT change the session schedule. You may allow discussion of a previous presentation to continue, or else recess the session until the next talk.

  • After each presentation there will be Q&A from the in-person and virtual audience. 

    • Remind in-person presenters to use the microphone so the remote presenters and audience can hear the questions. If they do not use the microphone, repeat the question for the virtual participants.

    • The virtual audience will submit questions in writing. There is a computer at the head table with Q&A. You may need to refresh the screen periodically.

    • As session chair, have the authority to keep the questions, answers, and discussion on a completely professional basis. If a question or comment seems to violate the APS Code of Conduct, you can say something like, “Remember, we have a Code of Conduct here”, or inform the speaker “You don’t have to answer that”. In addition, please report any behavior that concerns you to DPP leadership or an APS staff member.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact the APS Meetings Department at




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