APS DPP Annual Meeting

65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 

October 30-November 3, 2023 • Denver, Colorado

General Job Fair Information

An in-person Job Fair is being planned during the DPP Meeting this year. The Job Fair will begin on Tuesday, October 18 through Thursday, October 20, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. PST, at the Spokane Convention Center in Spokane, Washington. 

Career Counseling and Resume Help Desk

Career Counseling and Resume Help will also be available at the Job Fair, October 19-20.  APS Career Mentoring Fellows will be on hand to give advice on various career paths, the job search process, and effective resume writing. To sign up, come to the Job Fair area in the Exhibit Hall of the Convention Center starting at 9 a.m. on Tuesday, October 18.  Good news, whether you are on-site or remote, this service is available to all.  If you are not planning on attending the DPP Meeting, but you would like to sign-up for this service please contact Midhat Farooq,  as soon as possible

IMPORTANT: Please be aware that the career counseling and resume help desk is not a place to interview for jobs. The purpose of the career counseling and resume desk is for attendees to receive general advice on careers from volunteers. If attendees wish to interview for positions advertised at the job fair, they will need to register for the job fair and apply for those positions formally, as described in the job seeker instructions.   

Jobseeker Information

Registration to attend the Job Fair is free of charge to all.  In order to register, you must have an account for the APS Job Board. See more information below on preparing for the Job Fair.

Register Here

Here are the participating Job Fair employers. Please go to this link to view their job postings.

Auburn University
Cornell University
Fuse Energy Technologies
General Atomics - San Diego
General Fusion
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
*Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Lehigh University
*Los Alamos National Laboratory
Nova Photonics
*Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Polymath Research Inc.
*Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory
Princeton Stellarators, Inc.
*Sandia National Laboratories
*TAE Technologies
Tech-X Corp
*U.S. Naval Research Laboratory
University of California - Los Angeles
University of Rochester
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Xcimer Energy
*Zap Energy

*Visit their booths in the Job Fair area of the Exhibit Hall in the Spokane Convention Center.

Employer Information

The deadline for purchasing a Job Fair package has passed; registration is now closed.

Dates to Remember

August 25             Registration Opens for Employers

September 15       Registration Opens for Jobseekers

October 3              Employer Registration Deadline

October 17            On-Site Booth Set Up by Employers

October 18-20       In-person Job Fair 

October 19-20       Career Counseling and Resume Help Desk

October 18            Sign up begins for Career Counseling and Resume Help

October 28            Job Postings and Resume Searches ends on the Job Board

Information for Job Seekers

Job Seeker Tips For Preparation

APS Career Shape Up Series

APS has launched a program to provide personalized challenges to help you get your professional goals on track. The APS Shape Up series offers a variety of challenges, including Shape Up my Grad School Search, Shape Up My Job Search, Shape Up for the Interview Process, and Shape Up my Professional Image

Sign up for your Shape Up Series today! >>

APS Online Professional Guidebook

You can also visit our Online Professional Guidebook for helpful tips on resume building, interviewing, negotiation, and more.

APS Online Professional Guidebook

Career Fair FAQs

Must I be an APS member in order to participate in the Job Fair?

  • No, you just need to register for the Job Fair through the link provided above. Registration for early career scientists is free.

How do I see a listing of all job postings?

  • Visit the APS Job Board to view all job postings and on-site, there will be printed copies of the jobs posted on a poster board.

How do I request an interview/apply?

  • On the days of the event, you can visit the employers at their booth, or follow instructions listed on the job postings.

Where will job fair interviews be conducted?

  • Employers will independently schedule and conduct private interviews with job seekers. There will be a private interview space in the Job Fair area of the Convention Center.

Can employers contact me after the Job Fair?

  • Yes. If you’re registered for the event, employers will be able to contact you after the Job Fair.

Didn't See Your Question?
Email Lesley-Ann Rennie, APS Job Fair Coordinator, for all employer or attendee related inquiries at rennie@aps.org.