Write Letters/Emails to Teachers

Thank you for contributing to the STEP UP movement! Writing to teachers - either one you had in school or one you look up online - allows you to tell your physics story and encourage teachers to join STEP UP and use our materials. This activity should take about 20 minutes for prep and 15 minutes per letter/email. Remember, once you reach out to a teacher, submit their name to be entered to win sweet swag!

You can find high schools local to you or contact your own high school physics teacher.

When you know which teachers you will write to, download the writing template to guide your writing! You can send an email or use STEP UP stationery (Word Doc | PDF) to type or hand-write a letter as an extra personal touch.

The goals of these letters are:

  1. Ask the teacher to register for STEP UP.
  2. Next, suggest the teacher use STEP UP curriculum in their classroom.
  3. Discuss your personal interest in the project (why is STEP UP important to you?).

How to write to teachers effectively

Download these instructions

Before you write:

Familiarize yourself with the project: read up on our community goals and use our project FAQ.
Plan what you want to discuss. Are you just promoting STEP UP? Do you want to tell this teacher a story about your experience in physics? Are you also hoping to do outreach in this classroom?
Find the teacher’s name and email or mailing address.
  • Use the school’s faculty directory or call the main office and ask.
  • If sending a physical letter, address an envelope as such:
Attn: Physics Teacher’s Name
School name
School street address
City, State Zip
Prepare your writing materials. Download these resources to get a jump-start:

When you write:

Suggested message outline:
  • You have the power to change the face of physics by inspiring young women to pursue physics degrees.
  • In high school, women represent approximately 50% of physics students, but upon college enrollment, the  percentage of women in physics drops to 20%.
  • STEP UP is a national community that has developed downloadable lessons for physics classes, created by teachers and researchers, to enact this change.
  • Join the movement by registering at STEPUPphysics.org.
Suggested points:
  • It would be good if more young women go into physics careers.
  • I care about the STEP UP project because...
  • STEP UP provides tools to help teachers engage young women’s interest in physics -- you have a lot of influence!
  • Visit STEPUPphysics.org to register, join the community, and access STEP UP materials for your classroom!
Tips for email writing:
  • Copy and paste the content provided in the writing template and change as much as you like except the hyperlinks.
  • Suggested Subject Lines:
    • Can I tell you about STEP UP?
    • I think you'll like this
    • I like physics, but…
    • Thanks for inspiring me
    • I'd like to see more women in physics
    • STEP UP is helping teachers like you
Tips for letter writing:
  • Use STEP UP stationery (Word Doc | PDF)
  • Add your email in your signature if you’d like the teacher to get in touch with you.

Just remember...

  • Be creative! You can craft your own letter and emails, but hopefully these instructions help you align with the goal of the project.
  • If you have any questions, check out the Outreach FAQ.
  • Our goal is to get these teachers to register for STEP UP.
  • Fill out our survey after you reach out to teachers and enter to win swag!