2019-2020 Cohort

The STEP UP Ambassadors are a group of STEP UP teachers and members who are committed to empowering fellow teachers to inspire young women to pursue physics. This is done through training and supported implementation of the STEP UP curriculum in classrooms around the country. See our homepage for the map of Ambassador locations (pink hexagonal flags). To contact an Ambassador, submit a request at our Contact Us page.

  • Bree Barnett Dreyfuss

    Bree Barnett Dreyfuss
    Amador Valley High School
    Pleasanton, CA

  • Suzy Beckham

    Suzanne Beckham
    Atlanta Girls' School
    Atlanta, GA

  • Penny Blue

    Penny Blue
    Lyons High School
    Lyons, KS

  • Kenneth Cecire

    Kenneth Cecire
    University of Notre Dame / QuarkNet
    Notre Dame, IN

  • Henry Chen

    Henry Chen
    Westwood Jr. / Sr. High School
    Township of Washington, NJ

  • Danelix Cordero-Rosario

    Danelix Cordero-Rosario
    Residential Center of Educational Opportunities of Mayagüez
    Mayagüez, PR

  • ambassador-KristinCotton.png

    Kristin Cotton
    Southwest High School
    Fort Worth, TX

  • Luminita Denisiu

    Luminita Denisiu
    South High School
    Torrance, CA

  • Meghan DiBacco

    Meghan DiBacco
    Cinco Ranch High School
    Katy, TX

  • Colleen Epler-Ruths

    Colleen Epler-Ruths
    Shikellamy High School
    Sunbury, PA

  • Mike Fetsko

    Mike Fetsko
    Godwin High School
    Henrico, VA

  • Catherine Garland

    Catherine Garland
    Uncommon Charter High School
    Brooklyn, NY

  • Elisa Gatz

    Elisa Gatz
    Sterling High School
    Sterling, IL

  • Jennifer Gimmell

    Jennifer Gimmell
    Benet Academy
    Lisle, IL

  • Dan Gray

    Dan Gray
    Forest Grove High School
    Forest Grove, OR

  • Alisa Grimes

    Alisa Grimes
    Roaring Fork High School
    Carbondale, CO

  • Nicole Harvey

    Nicole Harvey
    Rockwall-Heath High School
    Rockwall, TX

  • Jolene Johnson

    Jolene Johnson
    Edison High School
    Minneapolis, MN

  • Victoria Johnson

    Victoria Johnson
    Randolph Union High School
    Randolph, VT

  • Susan Johnston

    Susan Johnston
    Livermore High School
    Livermore, CA

  • Brian Kays
    Ramona Convent Secondary School
    Alhambra, CA

  • Lauren King

    Lauren King
    Hillsborough County Public Schools
    Tampa, FL

  • Brent Lance

    Brent Lance
    Hayesville High School
    Hayesville, NC

  • Stephanie Lee

    Stephanie Lee
    ‘Iolani School
    Honolulu, Hawai’i

  • Frank Lock

    Frank Lock
    University of North Georgia
    Gainesville, GA

  • Savannah Lodge-Scharff

    Savannah Lodge-Scharff
    Madison Park Technical Vocational High School
    Boston, MA

  • John Metzler

    John Metzler
    Niles West High School
    Skokie, IL

  • Vivian O'Brien

    Vivian O'Brien
    Plymouth Regional High School
    Plymouth, NH

  • Silja Paymer

    Silja Paymer
    Khan Lab School
    Mountain View, CA

  • Praisy Poluan

    Praisy Poluan
    Edison High School
    Hunington Beach, CA

  • Fran Poodry_update

    Fran Poodry
    Vernier Software & Technology
    Beaverton, OR

  • Alma Robinson

    Alma Robinson
    Virginia Tech
    Blacksburg, VA

  • Deborah Roudebush

    Deborah Roudebush
    Fairfax, VA

  • Alison Ryder

    Alison Ryder
    ITW David Speer Academy
    Chicago, IL

  • Jeremy Secaur

    Jeremy Secaur
    Elyria High School
    Elyria, OH

  • Katherine Seguino

    Katherine Seguino
    Naperville Central High School
    Naperville, IL

  • Laura Sloma

    Laura Sloma
    East Kentwood High School
    Grand Rapids, MI

  • Nichole Spencer

    Nichole Spencer
    Phoenix College
    Phoenix, AZ

  • Mark David Stoetzer

    Mark David Stoetzer
    Round Rock High School
    Round Rock, TX

  • Sarah Tarbox

    Sarah Tarbox
    Brookwood High School
    Brookwood, AL

  • Hallie Trauger

    Hallie Trauger
    Back of the Yards High School
    Chicago, IL

  • Nathan Unterman

    Nathan Unterman
    New Trier High School
    Northfield, IL

  • Tina Vu

    Tina Vu
    Obra D. Tompkins High School
    Katy, TX

  • Michael Wadness

    Michael Wadness
    Medford High School
    Medford, MA

  • Shane Wood

    Shane Wood
    Mounds View Public School
    Shoreview, MN