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61st Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics

October 21-25, 2019 | Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The 61st Annual Meeting of the American Physical Society’s Division of Plasma Physics will take place from October 21-25, 2019 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. All technical sessions will be located at the Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center, where over 1,900 papers will be presented by scientists from over 20 countries around the world.

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Press Releases

A Star is Born: Using Lasers to Study How Star Stuff is Made
Probing nucleosynthesis in star-like conditions using the world’s biggest laser at NIF.

American Physical Society Invites Fort Lauderdale to Discover Plasma
Free hands-on science events offered to teachers, students and the public.

Gravity Crystals: A New Method for Exploring the Physics of White Dwarf Stars
Scientists study how charged particles arrange themselves into crystalline patterns and apply what they learn to explore the interiors of white dwarf stars.

Impact: 60 Years of Shock Wave Research at Sandia National Laboratories
Sandia scientists tell the remarkable story of shock wave physics in post-World War II America.

Island Retreat: Fuel Injection Helps Reduce Magnetic Island Instabilities
Injecting pellets of frozen hydrogen fuel into the plasma of a fusion reactor helps repair tears in the surrounding magnetic field, improving the prospects for efficient energy production.

La Sociedad Americana de Física (APS) invita a la comunidad de Fort Lauderdale a descubrir el plasma
Actividades y eventos científicos gratuitos para maestros, estudiantes, y el público.

Magneto-Inertial Fusion Experiment Nears Completion
The Plasma Liner Experiment will soon test the potential for a novel plasma fusion concept, while offering insights into the physics of colliding plasma jets.

Making Connections: Bringing Astrophysical Processes Down to Earth
New supercomputer simulations explore magnetic reconnection and make a surprising discovery.

Mix Master: Modeling Magnetic Reconnection in Partially Ionized Plasma
New simulations of interstellar magnetic fields open new chapter in understanding star formation.

New Insights Could Help Tame Speedy Ions in Fusion Plasmas
Understanding fast ions, critical to heating plasmas, could help turn a liability into an asset.

Taking a New Tangent to Control Pesky Waves in Fusion Plasmas
New theory could help overcome a significant barrier to achieving fusion power

Taking New Angle to Enable More Efficient, Compact Fusion Power Plants
New microwave injection system at the DIII-D National Fusion Facility doubles current-drive efficiency and demonstrates for the first time efficient off-axis current drive in a tokamak.

Volcanic Ash Sparks a New Discovery
New research finds that volcanic ash modifies the height, width and lifetime of a standing shock wave that can occur during volcanic eruptions.

World Record Acceleration: Zero to 7.8 Billion Electron Volts in 8 inches
New technique doubles the highest electron energy ever produced by a laser plasma accelerator, bringing the promise of tera electron volt electron-positron colliders one step closer.

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