APS DPP Annual Meeting

66th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 

October 7-11, 2024 • Atlanta, Georgia USA

Attendees of any APS in-person or virtual events are expected to meet standards of professional conduct as described in the APS Code of Conduct. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from future participation.

DPP 2021 Mini Conferences

MC-1 (Sorting Category 11.01): Gatekeeper Workshop: Creating a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Pipeline

M. Abler (Columbia U.), R. James (AF Inst. Tech.), E. Merritt (LANL), S. Mordijck (Coll. of William & Mary), N. Murphy (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard), Eli Parke (TAE Tech., Inc.), D. Schaeffer (Princeton U.)

This mini-conference will focus on how “gatekeepers” — those responsible for hiring into the workforce and admissions into graduate programs — can enact systemic
change at the graduate level. Evidence-based practices with a proven track record are incorporated into this innovative workshop.
Sessions are designed to share, reimagine, and demonstrate effective actions to elevate our Division climate and effectiveness.

MC-2 (Sorting Category 11.02): Collisionless Shocks in Laboratory and Space Plasmas

N. Pogorelov (U. Alabama), M. Gedalin (Ben-Gurion U.), and D. Schaeffer (Princeton U.)

This mini-conference requests submissions which address the wealth of in-situ measurements of collisionless shocks in nature and laboratory.
It will also address the physical mechanisms that govern crossing of collisionless shocks by non-thermal plasma.
Presentations discussing different theoretical approaches to describe the properties of collisionless shocks and their validation by observational and experimental data are especially welcome.

MC-3 (Sorting Category 11.03): The High Repetition Rate Frontier in High-Energy-Density Physics

P. Heuer (LLE), S. Feister (CSU Channel Islands), D. Schaeffer (Princeton U.), and H. Rinderknecht (LLE)

High repetition-rate experiments can permit active feedback control, collect large datasets for statistics and machine learning, systematically vary parameters, and employ novel diagnostics to perform high-quality science.
Recent advancements in lasers, pulsed power drivers, target fabrication, and diagnostics are beginning to open an exciting new frontier of high repetition rate high-energy-density physics (HEDP) experiments.
This mini-conference (and corresponding poster session) will highlight current progress in this exciting area.

MC-4 (Sorting Category 11.04): Measuring and Modeling Plasma Surface Interactions

(D. Curreli, UIUC), M. A. Cusentino (SNL), R. Kolasinksi (SNL), B. Wirth (U. Tennessee, Knoxville)

This mini-conference will focus on plasma surface interactions in tungsten with anticipate two full days of oral presentations in addition to a poster session.
Attendance from the SciDAC project on plasma surface interactions and the U.S. plasma material interaction community is encouraged.

MC-5 (Sorting Category 11.05): The Second Mini-Conference on Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Plasma Research

J. L. Peterson (LLNL), R. Kube (PPPL), J. Wang (LANL), C. Read (MIT)

This mini-conference will focus on four themes, reviewed in overview talks:
Future of the Field and General Requirements, Experimental Applications, Computational Applications, and Experiment/Simulation Synthesis.
Researchers are invited to submit either a contributed oral presentation or a poster.