APS DPP Annual Meeting

65th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics 

October 30-November 3, 2023 • Denver, Colorado

DPP 2021 Mini Conferences

MC-1 (Sorting Category 11.01): Gatekeeper Workshop: Creating a Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Pipeline

M. Abler (Columbia U.), R. James (AF Inst. Tech.), E. Merritt (LANL), S. Mordijck (Coll. of William & Mary), N. Murphy (Center for Astrophysics, Harvard), Eli Parke (TAE Tech., Inc.), D. Schaeffer (Princeton U.)

This mini-conference will focus on how “gatekeepers” — those responsible for hiring into the workforce and admissions into graduate programs — can enact systemic
change at the graduate level. Evidence-based practices with a proven track record are incorporated into this innovative workshop.
Sessions are designed to share, reimagine, and demonstrate effective actions to elevate our Division climate and effectiveness.

MC-2 (Sorting Category 11.02): Collisionless Shocks in Laboratory and Space Plasmas

N. Pogorelov (U. Alabama), M. Gedalin (Ben-Gurion U.), and D. Schaeffer (Princeton U.)

This mini-conference requests submissions which address the wealth of in-situ measurements of collisionless shocks in nature and laboratory.
It will also address the physical mechanisms that govern crossing of collisionless shocks by non-thermal plasma.
Presentations discussing different theoretical approaches to describe the properties of collisionless shocks and their validation by observational and experimental data are especially welcome.

MC-3 (Sorting Category 11.03): The High Repetition Rate Frontier in High-Energy-Density Physics

P. Heuer (LLE), S. Feister (CSU Channel Islands), D. Schaeffer (Princeton U.), and H. Rinderknecht (LLE)

High repetition-rate experiments can permit active feedback control, collect large datasets for statistics and machine learning, systematically vary parameters, and employ novel diagnostics to perform high-quality science.
Recent advancements in lasers, pulsed power drivers, target fabrication, and diagnostics are beginning to open an exciting new frontier of high repetition rate high-energy-density physics (HEDP) experiments.
This mini-conference (and corresponding poster session) will highlight current progress in this exciting area.

MC-4 (Sorting Category 11.04): Measuring and Modeling Plasma Surface Interactions

(D. Curreli, UIUC), M. A. Cusentino (SNL), R. Kolasinksi (SNL), B. Wirth (U. Tennessee, Knoxville)

This mini-conference will focus on plasma surface interactions in tungsten with anticipate two full days of oral presentations in addition to a poster session.
Attendance from the SciDAC project on plasma surface interactions and the U.S. plasma material interaction community is encouraged.

MC-5 (Sorting Category 11.05): The Second Mini-Conference on Machine Learning, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence in Plasma Research

J. L. Peterson (LLNL), R. Kube (PPPL), J. Wang (LANL), C. Read (MIT)

This mini-conference will focus on four themes, reviewed in overview talks:
Future of the Field and General Requirements, Experimental Applications, Computational Applications, and Experiment/Simulation Synthesis.
Researchers are invited to submit either a contributed oral presentation or a poster.