Plasma Pride


APS LGBT+ Climate Report

In 2016 APS released the LGBT Climate in Physics Report, which clearly showed that the overall climate for LGBT+ physicists can vary significantly, with a substantial number of respondents indicating an uncomfortable climate or experiencing and observing exclusionary behavior. Isolation is common, with social norms frequently establishing expectations of closeted behavior, making it difficult for LGBT+ physicists to identify allies. This is only exacerbated for individuals who also have other marginalized identities, with transgender and gender non-conforming individuals encountering particularly hostile environments. These factors have all contributed to many LGBT+ physicists leaving or considering leaving the field, resulting in a significant loss of diversity and skills to the physics community.

The DPP Pride Committee aims to address several recommendations made by the Climate Report, including:

  1. Ensure a safe and welcoming environment at meetings.
  2. Develop advocacy efforts that support LGBT+ equity and inclusion.
  3. Promote LGBT-inclusive practices in academia, national labs, and industry.
  4. Implement LGBT-inclusive mentoring programs.