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Mentoring Program

Offering professional development and support tailored for LGBT+ members of the APS DPP Pride community

Our Mentoring Program

Goals: This program will offer inclusive, LGBTQ+ friendly mentoring to members of the APS DPP Pride community, aimed at professional development and support.

Additionally, the Michigan Institute for Plasma Science and Engineering (MIPSE) is partnering with DPP Pride to provide mentoring opportunities for early career investigators in plasma physics and engineering. Please feel free to take advantage of these mentoring opportunities both here through DPP Pride and through MIPSE here. 

Participants: The program is open to all members of the APS DPP Pride community, including but not limited to those identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, non-binary, or asexual/aromantic.

If you would like to be mentored, please fill out this form: 

Mentee Application

If you are interested in being a mentor, please contact us at:

We will help you set up a mentoring plan, which will provide structure such as frequency of meetings and goals, tailored to your needs and preferences. This mentoring plan will help us monitor the success of this program.

Benefits: both mentees and mentors will help build an inclusive Pride community within APS DPP. Additionally,

Mentees will: 

  • gain advice on professional development from more experienced members of the community. 
  • build their professional networks through their mentor’s connections.
Mentors will: 
  • learn about the challenges faced by more junior members of the community, and use this information to positively influence the institutions which they are part of. 
  • build their professional networks through their mentee’s connections. 

Confidentiality: There is an expectation of confidentiality in all communication between mentors and mentees. No information may be shared from any communication without explicit permission from the other party unless there is a concern of imminent harm to oneself or others.

Accountability: Mentors and mentees will be expected to agree to a code of conduct outlining acceptable and unacceptable behavior. Regular surveys of mentors and mentees will be used to evaluate outcomes.

Meet Our Mentors

HfaNusbnRheB13aSjLXJ_Jack Hare-T.jpg
Jack Hare
(he/him) is a gay man and an assistant professor in the Nuclear Science and Engineering department at MIT, researching fundamental processes in magnetized high-energy-density plasmas.
eroFqZ6T9upkqh1LzmMX_Jeff Woolstrum (1)-T.jpg

Jeff Woolstrum
(he/him) is a Postdoctoral Appointee in the ICF Design and Theory Group at Sandia National Laboratories. His research focuses on using Hall physics in large-scale magneto-hydrodynamic simulations to explore new explanations for instability development in high-energy-density z-pinch plasma experiments.
eroFqZ6T9upkqh1LzmMX_Jeff Woolstrum (1)-T.jpg

Elizabeth Merritt (she/her) is a bisexual woman and a staff Scientist at Los Alamos National Laboratory. She is an experimental scientist specializing in high-energy-density hydrodynamics and turbulence, and inertial confinement fusion. Most of her current work is at large laser facilities like the NIF, but she also has a background in smaller-scale, pulsed power facilities.

HfaNusbnRheB13aSjLXJ_Jack Hare-T.jpg
Archie Bott
(he/him) is a UKRI Future Leaders Fellow at the University of Oxford. His research interests include collisionless/weakly collisional plasma dynamics, plasma turbulence, plasma dynamo processes, and laboratory astrophysics.