Set Up the Career Matching Exercise

1. Pre-survey and matching matrix

Students complete a brief pre-survey and matching matrix to determine areas of interest for their future careers.

Print (or prepare digitally) one pre-survey & matching matrix per student:

2. Match with relevant physicist profiles

Using data from their pre-surveys and matching matrix, students are matched to relevant physicist profiles, which they will then research and discuss with the class.

Print (or prepare digitally) for the students to read 1-2 physicists profiles they matched with:

Extension Content

For further matching content/resources check out the STEP UP online community! If you're not already registered, click here to sign up. It's FREE!

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  • Instructions on (beta) Matching Website created by Lauren Delwiche (a Discussion post)
  • Clickable PDF version of the matrix & profiles (in the Library)
  • Google Sheet version created by W. Brian Lane (in the Library)
  • Ideas on running the lesson remotely (a Discussion post)
  • Or post your own question about the Careers in Physics lesson!