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APS-DPP 2021 Presentation Guidelines

By Michael R Brown posted 10-08-2021 16:43


 The APS-DPP meeting is rapidly approaching, with an early registration deadline of October 15,

DPP would like to provide you with some input as you prepare your presentations.  This year, we are planning a hybrid meeting, which entails both in-person and remote aspects.  Please follow the guidelines that pertain to how you plan to attend the meeting.


Review, Tutorial, Invited and Award Presentations

These presentations will be live streamed, with both remote and in-person participation.  Both in-person and remote presenters will have an option to present live.  However, a pre-recording is requested to use as back-up.  Questions and answers will be live streamed as well.  The session chair will be in-person, and will handle questions and answers through chat, live stream, and in person.  In the coming weeks, you will receive detailed instructions on how to upload your pre-recorded videos.


Contributed Oral Presentations and Mini-Conferences

These presentations will not be live streamed.  A pre-recording will be requested for all contributed talks.  If a pre-recording is not received, then the virtual audience will not be able to participate. In-person presenters will have the opportunity to present live.  The session chair will play pre-recorded presentations from remote participants, and will handle hybrid Q&A (both in-person and through chat).  In the coming weeks, you will receive detailed instructions on how to upload your pre-recorded videos.


Poster Presentations
All poster presenters should prepare a 5 minute overview of their presentation. This overview will be attached to the program, co-located with the abstract. In-person poster presenters will be encouraged to hold a simultaneous video chat session with remote participants, while addressing in-person poster attendees. A remote presenter will have access to a Zoom-like room where discussions can take place with other attendees. In the coming weeks, you will receive additional instructions on how to access this video chat and how to upload your poster and video. Please be advised that you should bring your own laptop to the poster session. 


The poster session hall will have additional space between posters – rows will be 18’ wide instead of 12’ wide. 


Session Chairs

If you plan to attend in person, and are willing to act as a session Chair, please email Denise Hinkel ( and Saralyn Stewart (, indicating your willingness to help.