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Features of remote platform for DPP 2020

By Michael R Brown posted 19 days ago


To DPP membership from the Program Chair:  There are several announcements regarding the all-remote DPP 2020 meeting, November 9-13, 2020.  Please read carefully.

Registration:  Please register for DPP 2020.  Registration is now open until November 5, 2020.  Registration fee is $220 for APS members, graduate students are $45, and undergraduates are free.  Members must register for DPP 2020 to gain access to the remote platform.

Posters: We have 786 contributed posters, 928 contributed orals, and 111 invited talks, for a total of 1825 presentations for DPP 2020.  All content will be served on a platform provided by Bravura.  The oral presentations will have a familiar feel on the remote platform (session chair, timed talk with slides, Q&A after).  The remote poster presentations will be a new experience for DPP.  When the presenter platform is opened in November, members will have an opportunity to upload a poster using the “speaker” console.  Uploads should be a PDF, and can have as much detail as you like, including multiple pages.  In addition, presenters can upload a recorded summary of the poster (MP4 file).  This could be a brief “flash” talk, or a more extensive “tour” of the poster.  You can record your video directly on the Bravura platform in the speaker console or upload your already recorded MP4 file. Finally, talks will be searchable by key words in the session title and presenters can also type key words into a field within your personal profile in the speaker console.  Asynchronous chat will be available all week (even before the meeting), but synchronous video discussion at posters will be available only during the assigned poster session times.  The “attendee” console allows members to browse session content by author, topic, or keywords.  The attendee can generate a personal schedule for the entire meeting.

Town Halls and Receptions:  We will have the usual town halls and receptions at DPP 2020, except they will be remote.  Importantly, in lieu of a banquet, we will have an important town hall on the status and future of plasma science.  There will be two types of experiences.  One is a live webinar that will feature a moderator, presenters, and panel discussion.  Attendees will have the opportunity to ask live questions, and/or participate in a public chat or Q&A.  The other, more informal experience is a networking session.  This will feature several virtual rooms.  Each participant can “see” who is in each room and drop into a conversation.  Our Women in Plasma Physics, and Meet the Editor receptions will have this feel.

Recorded content:  All content for DPP 2020 will be recorded and available for future viewing to all registered members.  APS requires opt-in permission to record your presentation.  Please respond to the one-click permission you have received from APS.  The recorded work will be secure and password protected.