Wednesday Afternoon Workshop: Material Data Compendium

23rd Biennial Conference of the APS Topical Group on Shock Compression of Condensed Matter (SCCM23)

June 18-June 23, 2023 • Chicago, Illinois

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Possibilities for a new Material Data Compendium

Wednesday, June 21st, starting at 2:15PM in “Sheraton 3”

Compendia of shock wave data such as Marsh are still widely used, but there has been little appetite to update and extend such resources. In recent years while a lot of new experimental data has become available, older compendia have not been updated nor have new data collections/repositories been created. In addition to newer shock wave measurements, experiments now produce other forms of data useful to construct and test material models, such as along isentropic compression paths.
Given the obvious value of assembling and sharing such data, several members of this community have suggested that a new compendium should be built and maintained, likely involving interested members of the SCCM Topical Group. Such a compendium would reduce the effort to search for and transcribe data and would eliminate duplication in authors responding to requests for datasets corresponding to graphs or fits in publications.
This workshop is a forum to air and discuss some recently proposed ideas for a Material Data Compendium, to hear a broader range of user needs, and to discuss ideas, suggestions, and challenges for the way ahead.

SCCM23 attendees are welcome to participate. If you have particular suggestions to present, or considerations that you feel should be included, please let the organizers know by May 26th so they can finalize the workshop agenda.

Note that this is a preliminary discussion of this topic. Discussion is likely to continue with additional workshops, virtual meetings, etc. after the conference.

Chair: Markus Daene,
Sarah Stewart, Rick Kraus, Damian Swift