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Guidance on DPP 2021 in Pittsburgh

By Michael R Brown posted 09-03-2021 11:13

To DPP membership:

This is an update from DPP leadership on the status of DPP 2021 in Pittsburgh at the David Lawrence Convention Center DLCC.  As of now (10 weeks from the meeting week), our plan is to move forward with both a live (in person) component and a virtual component.  APS has established a COVID task force to provide guidance to units.  They have teamed with a public health consulting company called Cardno ChemRisk.  The APS task force is studying epidemiological metrics and emerging evidence including case rates in Allegheny County, PA and COVID measures taken at DLCC.  At this time, ChemRisk strongly recommends a hybrid event to reduce the number of in person attendance and strongly recommends fully vaccinated-only attendees in person with screening, masking, and distancing.  With these recommendations in mind, DPP has established several guidelines for those who plan to attend in person.

Vaccination Requirement: 
All registered attendees, visitors, and personnel are required to be fully vaccinated. We will have an online method of vaccination verification prior to leaving for the conference.
Masking Requirement: All registered attendees, visitors, and convention center personnel are required to remain masked while indoors.
Testing: DPP will provide a station for COVID-19 testing on site.  Note that attendees that test positive will be required to quarantine.
Banquet: Our plan is to go forward with an in-person banquet.  There will be reduced seating at each table, more space between tables, and plated serving.

The DLCC in Pittsburgh is a state-of-the-art facility with hospital-grade HVAC, and a very engaged staff.  We will make every effort to make the in-person component of DPP 2021 as safe as possible.#FeaturedNews




09-09-2021 10:08

Good question.  We are working on an online verification platform.  I will ask APS Meetings if a plan is in place for overseas vaccinations.

09-07-2021 08:09

Thank you for this update. Can you clarify whether the system that APS DPP will use for verifying vaccinations is capable of verifying vaccination records made outside of the USA?