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The Plasma and Fusion Undergraduate Research Opportunities (PFURO) program

By Michael R Brown posted 05-07-2021 10:03

We are excited to announce the launch of a new summer research program for undergrads and recent grads: 
The Plasma and Fusion Undergraduate Research Opportunities (PFURO) program
PFURO participants will:
  • Conduct 10 weeks of remote summer research under the guidance of faculty and staff at US undergraduate institutions
  • Participate in the 2-week Intro to Plasma and Fusion course hosted by PPPL (June 14th-June 25).  
  • Be invited to join all of the workforce development seminars and workshops available for PPPL summer undergraduate interns
  • Receive a $600 weekly stipend for the duration of the 10 week, 40hr/week research experience.
  • Be sponsored to present their research at a national topical conference.  Most students would present at APS-DPP, but it may also be GEC, ICOPS, SOFE, or another relevant topical conference. 
This year, the PFURO program will have ~8 participants.  If this year's pilot program is successful, and assuming travel has somewhat normalized, in future years the program will expand and support in-person research opportunities by reimbursing travel to the institution and providing limited weekly housing stipends.  2021 PFURO research will be fully remote.
If you are at a university, college, or other undergraduate research institution and have a summer project in one of the following topical areas:
  • Magnetic fusion energy
  • Fusion materials and technology
  • Discovery plasmas
  • High energy-density plasma
that could benefit from a full-time (40hr/week) undergraduate student researcher during the summer, please submit this form by May 21st. 
If there are any undergraduate students, especially women and underrepresented minorities in plasma and fusion, that you believe would be interested in applying, please share this info flyer and/or the program's website:
For more info, visit the website and/or email
This program is supported by the US DOE Office of Fusion Energy Sciences and is managed by PPPL and the US Fusion Outreach Team.  
Stephanie Diem, Assistant Professor (she/her/hers)
Department of Engineering Physics 
University of Wisconsin - Madison 
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