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Community questions for DPP Banquet event

By Michael R Brown posted 10-23-2020 11:20


I would like to ask the Plasma Science community to provide questions to experts for the DPP Town Hall on the Breadth and Unification of the Field of Plasma Science 6-8 PM CST, November 11, 2020.  The panel will include representatives of funding agencies, as well as representatives of plasma science community groups and recent community activities.  Send questions to me at:

The types of questions you should consider include: What constitutes plasma science and technology?  Where is plasma science studied, and who funds it?  What are the most profound questions facing plasma science today?  What are the important tools and technologies that cut across the sub-fields of plasma science?

I'll moderate with some initial set up questions, then field your questions from the community. 


Funding agency representatives

Slava Lukin (NSF/Physics)
Jim van Dam (DOE/Fusion Energy Sciences)
Njema Frazier (DOE/NNSA)
Nicola Fox (NASA/ Heliophysics)
Carrie Black (NSF/Astronomical Sciences)
Ali Sayir (AFOSR) 

Plasma Science community leaders

Gary Zank (UAH)
Troy Carter (UCLA)
Scott Baalrud (Iowa)
Carolyn Kuranz (Michigan)
John Sarff (Wisconsin)
Pierre Gourdain (Rochester)