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DPP Meeting 2023 session recordings are now available!

By Madison Mincevich posted 11-21-2023 14:57


DPP Meeting 2023 session recordings are now available for on-demand viewing for all fully registered attendees. Uploaded poster and exhibit information are also available. Take the opportunity to relive the insights and expertise of the DPP 2023 until February 1, 2024. Access recordings here!





11-28-2023 09:17

Jack thanks for bringing this to our attention. We are working with our AV team to find the correct recording and get it edited. 
If anyone finds additional errors or has questions, they can be emailed to

11-27-2023 08:44

How do we report errors with the content? For example the recording uploaded for  BM10: Mini-Conference: Magnetized Turbulence I does not match the abstract listed in the program - it is clearly the recording of a different session.