Women in Plasma Physics

APS-DPP Allies Program

The DPP is committed to providing an inclusive space where scientists can exchange ideas and share their interests in plasma physics, regardless of their origin, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity etc. Unfortunately, an inclusive environment for all is not easy to achieve because we all carry our personal biases and are not always aware of those behaviors that make others feel unwelcome. Contrary to what many prefer to believe, harassment happens regularly, whether intended or unintended, and can have a strong impact on the careers of the targeted individuals.

The APS-DPP Allies Program aims to create a safe and inclusive environment for all attendees at the DPP annual meeting.

What are Allies?

Allies are DPP members who show a strong commitment to promoting an inclusive environment. Before the meeting, Allies are individuals appropriately trained by an independent consultant to be effective in helping those who feel harassed. Allies participate in the events of the DPP meeting and are designated with a label (e.g. an orange armband or “Ally” label on name badge). They are on alert for anyone who may be feeling uncomfortable and are available to talk in confidentiality to participants who believe they have experienced harassment, as well as to provide guidance on multiple options for handling the situation. In particular, Allies can help the targets identify whether their situation requires additional action, such as involving the APS representative who can determine whether further investigation is warranted. Allies are also willing to serve as escorts for participants who feel unsafe.