Outstanding Poster Awards

Outstanding Undergraduate Poster Awards

Every year, undergraduate students present plasma physics-related research conducted at their undergraduate institution or at internships across the country and internationally.  While their presence at the DPP conference is already an outstanding academic achievement, a panel of DPP member judges attend their poster presentations and award the top presentations with Outstanding Poster Awards at the annual Student Appreciation Reception.  The diplomas are presented by the APS-DPP chair and the awardees are invited to attend the APS-DPP banquet.

2020 APS-DPP Winners:

Amelia Chambliss: Position Tolerance of Permanent Magnets and Reduction of Magnetic Islands in the Stellarator MUSE

Brandon Lee: Temperature Effects on Relief Pressure of Helium Bubbles in Tungsten

Emi Zeger: Prediction of DIII-D pedestal density structure from externally controllable parameters

Michael Hanson: The Impact of Resonant Magnetic Perturbation Strength on the L-H Power Threshold

Oscar Amaro: Optimal laser focusing for positron production in laser-electron scattering