DEI Organizing Collective

Diamond Model

The goal of the Diamond Model team is to work with diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) change agent experts to create a long-term plan to eliminate equity gaps in the plasma community. This team will write a call for proposals for DEI subject matter experts to create this plan. Once the change agent experts are selected, this team will provide the information and support that the change agents need to complete the plan. Throughout this process, this team will build support among the plasma community to enact this plan once it is completed.

[Top] - Survivors, [Left] - Decision-Makers, [Right] - Policy-Makers, [Middle] - Grey Diamond with Large Red Cross at the center, [Bottom] - Subject-Matter Expertsith

Link to sign up coming soon...

To do list:

  1. Meet with program managers at funding agencies and stakeholders throughout the plasma science community.
  2. Secure a funding mechanisms to support work by change agent experts.
  3. Write a call for proposals asking for change agent experts to develop a Diamond Model implementation plan for the plasma science community to eliminate equity gaps and improve DEI health.
  4. Advertise the call for proposals to organizations including change agent experts.
  5. Select the change agent experts from the submitted proposals.
  6. Support the change agent experts' effort in developing the Diamond Model.
  7. Build support for the Diamond Model among different stakeholders across the plasma community.

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