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New Year's message from DPP Chair

By Michael R Brown posted 01-07-2021 13:52

Happy New Year to DPP members! I hope that 2021 brings you joy in your life and success in your endeavors.

My vision for DPP in 2021 is threefold. First, I want to embrace the breadth of our science as laid out in our decadal study Plasma 2020. Fascinating plasma science is being studied by physicists, engineers, physicians, and astronomers. I would like to continue to invite these scientists to present at our meetings, and publish in our journals. Second, we need to begin to unify the disparate scientific groups studying plasmas. Whether we study the solar wind, fusion plasmas, or high energy density plasma it's all the same science. We can learn from each other.

Finally, and most importantly, we need to recognize that plasma science can't grow unless we expand the diversity of our field. Of our 2500 members, fewer than 10% are women; the lowest of any unit in APS. I encourage senior DPP leaders to support young women and under-represented groups to study plasma science.

These ideas were discussed during DPP 2020 at the Wednesday Banquet event: Breadth and Unification of the Field of Plasma Science Town Hall. I would encourage members to view that recorded event on the DPP 2020 platform. Happy New Year!​ #FeaturedNews