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DPP 2020 is live!

By Michael R Brown posted 11-09-2020 16:26

The all-remote APS DPP 2020 meeting is now live.  A few reminders about the platform.  The Bravura platform has many of the aspects of Zoom, but it is NOT Zoom.

First, if you are presenting (contributed talk, invited talk or review, or poster), you should visit the platform early.  Upload your poster now.  Go to the "backstage" room up to an hour before your talk.  Second, during the session, the "curtain" is up and the show is live, so speakers should mute and turn off cameras.  Third, speakers and session chairs should note that there are several useful features including a pointer/drawing feature, and the ability to upload documents, papers, PDFs of the talk to the "Handouts" portal.

If you are viewing a talk, we can't see you.  Questions should go in the Q&A window (seen by session chair only).  Chat with your friends in the chat window.  All talks are recorded, so you can view a talk you missed any time within the year.  If you want a bigger view, close the window then click on the option in yellow that says, "I had technical issues with audio/video, please reconnect me".  Since this is a plasma physics meeting, reconnection will be fast. #FeaturedNews