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2011 Newsletter

Learn More About the Advanced Labs You Teach
David Van Baak, Paul Dolan, and Gabriel Spalding

Spring 2011 Newsletter 

2010 Newsletters

  • Modernizing the Physics Curriculum by Being Less Modern (Summer)
    Philip Gleckman
  • 2009 Topical Conference on Advanced Laboratories (Summer)
    Randolph Peterson and Gabe Spalding
  • Physicists, Philharmonics, and Youth Symphonies (Summer)
    Dwight Neuenschwander
  • Undergraduate Nonlinear Dynamics Course at Cal Poly-San Luis Obispo (Fall)
    Nilgun Sungar
  • Go Forth and Measure (Fall)
    Matthew J. Lang
  • Looking at Real Experiments First: Curricular and Technical Approaches for Teaching Elementary Quantum Physics (Fall)
    Jan-Peter Meyn
  • Topical Conference on Laboratory Instruction Beyond the First Year of College (Fall)
    Gabriel Spalding

Summer 2010 NewsletterFall 2010 Newsletter

2009 Newsletters

  • Peer Instruction For Quantum Mechanics (Fall)
    Guangtian Zhu and Chandralekha Singh
  • Outsourcing in Higher Education – will physics be the first to go? (Fall)
    Robert Ehrlich
  • What is ABET and What does it have to do with physics? (Summer)
    Keryl Cryer and M. Dayne Aldridge
  • Educating Engineers for the 21st Century (Summer)
    Charles M. Vest and Norman L. Fortenberry
  • START WITH A STORY: The Teacher as Storyteller, Case-based Science Learning (Summer)
    Clyde Freeman Herreid

Fall 2009 NewsletterSummer 2009 Newsletter

2008 Newsletter

  • Teaching Modern Physics using Selected Nobel Lectures (Fall)
    A. Stinner
  • APS March 2008: Undergraduate Nanotechnology and Materials Physics Education I (Summer)
    Robert Chang, Greta Zenner, Jeffrey Collett, Fiona Goodchild, Pradeep Haldar
  • APS March 2008: Undergraduate Nanotechnology and Materials Physics Education II (Summer)
    Emily Allen, Gregory Salamo, Chris Hughes, Michael Dubson, Janet Tate
  • APS April 2008: Undergraduate Education in Nuclear Physics (Summer)
    Warren Rogers, John Shriner, Sekazi Mitingwa

Fall 2008 NewsletterSummer 2008 Newsletter

Spring 2006 Newsletter

What is the buoyant force on a block at the bottom of a beaker of water?
Carl E. Mungan

Spring 2006 Newsletter

Spring 2005 Newsletter

  • Truth is Beauty, Beauty is Thermodynamics
    James Hurley
  • The Proper definition of Pressure Volume Work: A Continuing Challenge
    Eric A. Gislason, and Norman C. Craig

Spring 2005 Newsletter

2004 Newsletters

  • Practicing What I Preach (with helpful references) (Summer)
    Gat Stewart
  • Invention and Impact: Building Excellence in Undergraduate STEM Education (Summer)
    Paula R. L. Heron and Anne T. Durako 
  • Bridging the Gap between Mathematics and Physics (Spring)
    Tevian Dray and Corinne A. MAnogue 

Summer 2004 Newsletter Spring 2004 Newsletter

Fall 2003 Newsletter

  • Physics Essays for Airline Travelers
    Jim McGuire
  • Web-Delivered Interactive Lecture Demonstrations: Creating an active science learning environment over the Internet (UG physics)
    Ronald Thornton
  • Using Computational Physics to Investigate Realistic Projectile Motion
    Nicholas Giordano

Fall 2003 Newsletter

2002 Newsletters

  • Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate Physics (SPIN-UP) (Summer)
    Ruth H. Howes
  • Strategic Programs for Innovations in Undergraduate Physics at Two Year Colleges (SPIN-UP/TYC) (Summer)
    Mary Beth Monroe
  • The Physics Major: An Endangered Species? (Spring)
    Jack Wilson

Spring 2002 Newsletter Summer 2002 Newsletter

2001 Newsletters

  • Doing Research and Teaching (Fall)
    Jan Tobochnik
  • Teaching on the Web (Fall)
    Thomas D. Rossing
  • Motivating Students to Learn Physics Using an Online Homework System (Fall)
    John Risley
  • The Physics Illumination Project: Conceptual Homework on the Web (Fall)
    Ron Greene
  • The Evolution of Web-Based Activities in Physics at Illinois (Fall)
    Tim Stelzer and Gary Gladding
  • Time-Dependent Permeable Interface and IT Based Physics Education (Fall)
    Jin S. Kim and Keum H. Lee
  • Just-in-time Teaching: The Best of Both Worlds (Fall)
    Gregor M. Novak
  • What's Your Network? -- Project Kaleidoscope (Spring)
    Elizabeth McCormack
  • Growth in Undergraduate Physics at the University of Arkansas (Part II) (Spring)
    Art Hobson

Fall 2001 NewsletterSpring 2001 Newsletter

2000 Newsletters

  • Enrollment and Degrees Report (Fall)
  • Growth in Undergraduate Physics at the University of Arkansas (UG) (Fall)
    Gay Stewart
  • The National Task Force on Undergraduate Physics: Some FAQ's (July)
    Robert C. Hilborn
  • Calculus-Based Physics and the Engineering ABET 2000 Criteria (July)
    Robert C. Hilborn
  • Paradigms in Physics: A New Upper-Division Physics Curriculum at Oregon State University (July)
    Corinne Manogue
  • Using the Web Effectively: Web-based and Web-enhanced courses (July)
    John A. venables

Fall 2000 NewsletterJuly 2000 Newsletter

1999 Newsletters

  • NSF Educational Support Opportunities of Interest to the Physics Community (Summer)
    Norman L. Fortenberry, Karen L. Johnston, Robert F. Watson
  • Physics in the Two-Year Colleges (April)
  • Physics Education in the Next Century (April)
    Jack Wilson

Summer 1999 NewsletterApril 1999 Newsletter

1998 Newsletters

  • Workshop for new Physics Faculty - An Update (Fall)
    Kenneth S. Krane
  • Revitalization of an Undergraduate Physics Program (Fall)
    John W. Norbury and G. R. Sudhakaran
  • Broadening the Physics Degree: A New Bachelor's Degree in Computational Physics at Illinois State University (April)
    Richard Martin and Shang-Fen Ren 
  • Building Undergraduate Physics Programs for the 21st Century (August)

Fall 1998 Newsletter April 1998 NewsletterAugust 1998 Newsletter

August 1997 Newsletter

  • Tripling the Number of Physics Majors at a Research University
    Joe Pifer
  • Mentoring the Whole Life of a Physics Major: From Recruiting and Introductory Classes to Research and Careers
    Neal B. Abraham
  • Preparing Physics Majors for Secondary-Level Teaching: The Education Concentration in the Haverford College Physics Program
    Lyle Roelofs
  • The 1997 Conference of Physics Department Chairs
    Roger D. Kirby
  • The AAPT Workshop for New Physics Faculty
    Kenneth S. Krane

August 1997 Newsletter

1996 Newsletters

  • Shaping the Future: NSF Examines Undergraduate Education (August)
    Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky and Robert C. Hilborn
  • On the Importance of Undergraduate Science Education (April)
    Robert C. Hilborn

August 1996 NewsletterApril 1996 Newsletter

August 1995 Newsletter

  • Get Involved! Two-Year-Colleges for the 21st Century
    Mary Beth Monroe
  • Sidebar: How You can Help
    Mary Beth Monroe

August 1995 Newsletter