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General Websites

The Physical Science Resource Center (PSRC) is managed by the AAPT as a part of the ComPADRE network of education resources for physics and astronomy. ComPADRE is a collaboration of the AAPT, APS, AIP, and SPS.

The Physics Teacher Education Coalition (PhysTEC) is a project to improve and promote the education of future physics and physical science teachers. It’s goals are to improve the number of highly qualified high school physics teachers, engage physics departments in the preparation of teachers, and disseminate best practices in teacher preparation.

PER-Central is designed to serve as an informational touchpoint and online community for "producers" and "consumers" of physics education research (PER). It includes links to articles and dissertations, research groups, PER-based curricular materials, news, and events.

Curriculum Materials

Below are web sites of peer-reviewed curriculum development projects. This list is not intended to be complete but rather is representative of resources available for physics teachers and students. Suggestions for additions to this list are welcome. More resources are available on the PSRC website.

Online Journals and Other Research Information

Physical Review Physics Education Research (PRPER) is a peer-reviewed electronic-only journal sponsored by the APS, the APS Forum on Education, and the AAPT. The journal covers the full range of experimental and theoretical research on the teaching and/or learning of physics.

The American Journal of Physics is devoted to the instructional and cultural aspects of physical science. It is published by the AAPT through the American Institute of Physics.

The Physics Teacher provides articles and information that is useful and interesting for teachers of introductory physics courses at high schools, two- and four-year colleges, and universities.