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2010 Newsletters

  • University of Arkansas Noyce Scholarship Program (Summer)
    Gay Stewart and John Stewart
  • PhysTEC Scholarship Program for Future Physics Teachers (Summer)
    Gabriel Popkin
  • Alternative Pathways to High School Physics Teaching (Fall)
    Jean P. Krisch
  • The CSULB PhysTEC Project (Fall)
    Chuhee Kwon
  • Physics Teaching Embraced at MTSU with the Help of PhysTEC (Fall)
    Ron Henderson
  • A Synergistic Model of Educational Change (Fall)
    Valerie Otero, Michael Ross, Samson Sherman
  • PhysTEC at Cornell: A Progress Report
    Robert E. Thorne

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2011 Newsletter

  • PhysTEC Program at the University of California, Davis
    David Webb
  • Preparing Urban Students to Teach in the Urban Classroom: Chicago State University's PhysTEC Program
    Mel S. Sabella and Adrea Gay Van Duzor

Spring 2011 Newsletter

2009 Newsletters

  • - The Internet Home of the PTEC Organization (Fall)
    John Stewart 
  • College Ready in Mathematics and Science Partnership: University and School District Partners working together to improve student success and teacher preparation (Summer)
    Gay Stewart
  • Private Funding for Physics Teacher Preparation at James Madison University (Spring)
    Mark Mattson
  • The National Science Foundation's Robert Noyce teacher Scholarship Program (Spring)
    Joan Prival

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2008 Newsletters

  • Non-Physics Teachers are Teaching Physics - We Cannot Replace Them, but We Can Help Them! (Fall)
    Marty Alderman 
  • The First Year of PhysTEC at the University of Minnesota (Fall)
    Jon Anderson
  • 2008 PTEC Conference: "Master teachers: Change Agents for Teacher Preparation" (Summer)
    Gabe Popkin
  • Doing the Right Thing (and in the Right Place): Starting a Teacher Preparation Program at a Research University (Summer)
    Laurie E. McNeil
  • Improving Physics Education through a Diverse Research and Learning Community at Florida International University (Summer)
    Larid Kramer, Eric Brewe, and George O'Brien
  • Contributing to Teacher Preparation through "Broader Impacts" Activities (Summer)
    Monica Plisch
  • Plugging the Leaky Bucket: Retention of Physics Teacher Graduates from Ball State University (Spring)
    David Grosnick and James Watson
  • A Broad Approach to Mentoring in an inquiry-focused Early Teaching Experience (Spring)
    Laura Lising and Cody Sandifer

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2007 Newsletters

  • The Road from Bell Labs Researcher to High School Science teacher (Fall)
    B. I. Greene
  • Raising funds for UTech (Summer)
    Michael Marder
  • Transition to Teaching (Summer)
    Robin Willner
  • Leveraging Corporate Support for Science Education Reform at Seattle Pacific University (Summer)
    Eleanor Close

Fall 2007 NewsletterSummer 2007 Newsletter

2006 - 2007 Newsletters

  • Recruiting the Next Generation of Science Teachers (Fall)
    Ingrid Novodvorsky
  • Teacher Recruitment at the University of Arkansas (Fall)
    Gay Stewart
  • Teaching to Learn: The Colorado Learning Assistant Program's Impact on Learning Content (Fall)
    Noah D.Finkelstein, Valerie Otero, and Steven J. Pollock
  • A Quiet Revolution in Preparing Future Teachers of Physics (Spring)
    Julia Olsen and Drew Isola
  • Recruiting a New Generation of Physics Teachers at Western Michigan University (Spring)
    Drew Isola and Bob Poel
  • Strengthening the K12 Teacher Workforce (Spring)
    Joan T. Prival

Spring 2006 Newsletter

  • A Physics Teacher Education Program in the Phillippines 
    Ed van den Berg, Jocelyn Locay-Locay, and Marilou Gallos
  • A New Model Alternative Certification Program for HS Physics Teachers 
    Dan Maclsaac, Joe Zawicki, Kathleen Falconer, David Henry, and Dewayne Beery
  • A Course on Integrated Approaches in Physics Education
    Michael C. Wittman and John R. Thompson

Spring 2006 Newsletter

2005 Newsletters

  • UTeach (Fall)
    Michael Marder
  • Development of the Physics Teacher Education Program at Illinois State University (Fall)
    Carl J. Wenning and Richard F. Martin, Jr. 
  • Preparing Tomorrow's Physics teachers (Fall)
    Eugenia Etkina
  • Secondary Science teacher Preparation at the University of Arizona (Fall)
    Ingrid Novodvorsky
  • Preparing K-12 teachers to teach physics and physical science (Summer)
    Lillian C. McDermott, Paula R. L. Heron and Peter S. Shaffer
  • Physics Inquiry: A research-based approach to preparing K-12 teachers of physics and physical science (Summer)
    Lillian C. McDermott, Paula R. L. Heron and Petter S. Shaffer
  • Physics for Elementary Teachers: A New Curriculum (Summer)
    Steve Robinson, Fred Goldberg and Valerie Otero
  • An Advisory Group to Provide Input in the Preparation of Future Teachers (Spring)
    David Grosnick
  • Partners in the Preparation of Secondary Science Teachers (Spring)
    Ingrid Novodvorsky
  • CU Physics Education: Recruiting and Preparing Future Physics Teachers (Spring)
    Noah Finkelstein, Michael Dubson, Christopher Keller, Steven Pollock, Steve Iona, and Valerie Otero

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Summer 2004 Newsletter

Promoting Science Teacher Education at the University of Kentucky
John E. Christopher, Sally A. Shafer and Joseph P. Straley

Summer 2004 Newsletter

Spring 2002 Newsletter

  • A Coalition to Improve Teaching (Phystec)
    John Layman and Warren Hein
  • Improving the Quality and Quantity of K-12 Teachers of Mathematics and Science: The Collaborative for Excellence in Teacher Preparation in Pennsylvania
    Patsy Ann Johnson, P. James Moser, Robert A. Cohen, and Joan E. Mackin

Spring 2002 Newsletter

2001 Newsletters

  • The Blame Game in Teacher Preparation (Fall)
    Fredrick Stein
  • A Model Physics Teacher Education Program At Illinois State University (Summer)
    Carl J. Wenning

Fall 2001 NewsletterSummer 2001 Newsletter

Fall 2000 Newsletter

Why Teacher Preparation?
Diandra L. Leslie-Pelecky and Gayle A. Buck

Fall 2000 Newsletter