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2010 Newsletter

  • 21st Century Physics for In-Service High School Physics Teachers
    Bruce Sherwood 
  • Writing to Learn: A Circuits Laboratory Report without Numbers
    Micheal Faleski

Summer 2010 Newsletter

2011 Newsletter

What Can We Learn From Physics Teachers in High Scoring Countries on the TIMSS and PISZ International Assessments?
Cherrill Spencer

Spring 2011 Newsletter

2009 Newsletters

  • Physics Teaching Web Advisory (Pathway): A Tool for 24-7 Pedagogical Assistance for Teachers of Physics (Fall)
    Dean Zollman
  • AAPT/PTRA Professional Development Program: A Model For Successful Teacher Professional Development (Summer)
    Jim Nelson
  • Teaching K-12 Fluid Dynamics: The Physics of Flow (Summer)
    Benjamin Blonder
  • APS PhysicsQuest (Spring)
    Rebecca Thompson-Flagg
  • Support for High School Physics Teachers through the Alabama Science in Motion Program (Spring)
    Paul Helminger

Fall 2009 NewsletterSummer 2009 NewsletterSpring 2009 Newsletter

2008 Newsletters

  • Away From the Ivory Tower: Real Challenges Teaching High School Physics in an Urban Environment (Fall)
    Richard Steinberg
  • High School Physics and the Challenge Index (Fall)
    Susan White
  • From the Desk of the NIH Director: Special Edition on Science Education (Summer)
    Elias A. Zerhouni 

Fall 2008 NewsletterSummer 2008 Newsletter

2007 Newsletters

  • Snapshot of the Physics Front (Fall)
    Cathy Mariotti Ezrailson
  • Development of K-12 Instructional Materials at the National Science Foundation (Summer)
    Gerhard Saligner
  • Insights: An Elementary Hands-On Inquiry Science Curriculum (Summer)
    Karen Worth
  • Changing the Course of Science Education (Summer)
    Jennifer Childress, Jim Benson, Claudia Campbell, and Sally Goetz Shuler
  • Water Skiers and SCUBA Divers (Summer)
    Larry Malone
  • Interactions in Physical Science (Summer)
    Fred Goldberg and Sharon Bendall
  • Active Physics (Summer)
    Arthur Eisenkraft
  • Minds - On Physics: Redefining Physics Instruction (Summer)
    Bill Leonard
  • Modeling Instruction for K-12 Science Education (Summer)
    David Hestenes
  • Reformed-Based Physics Teaching: An Inquiry Approach (Summer)
    Dave Pinkerton and Betty Stennet

Fall 2007 NewsletterSummer 2007 Newsletter

2003 Newsletter

Energy - A Basic Physics Concept and a Social Value
John L. Roeder

Fall 2003 Newsletter

2002 Newsletters

  • Physics First: Precursor to Science/Math Literacy for All? (Summer)
    Richard R. Hake
  • Approximate Best Fit Modeling of Physics Phenomena (Summer)
    Stewart E Brekke
  • Mathematical Physics for All (Spring)
    Stewart E Brekke
  • Communicating Science with the Arts (Spring)
    Chris Chiaverina

Summer 2002 NewsletterSpring 2002 Newsletter

2001 Newsletters

  • Where Should We Go With Advanced Placement (Fall)
    W. Lichten
  • Science is a lot of fun with hands-on Activities (Fall)
    Yoshio Kamishina
  • Alabama Science in Motion (Summer)
    Jill Shearin Driver
  • Teachers as Professionals (Summer)
    Stan Jones
  • K-8 Science Education through the eyes of a Physicist (Summer)
    Ted Schultz
  • The Hands-on Activity Science Program (HASP) in North Alabama (Summer)
    R. Hugh Comfort
  • Understanding and Appreciating Physics from Pre-school on (or the search for intelligent life in the universe should start here on earth) (Spring)
    Wayne Snyder
  • Cosmic Rays through the Heartland (Spring)
    Greg Snow and Dan Claes
  • Physics in the Elementary School (Spring)
    Lewis E. Love
  • The time has come to make teaching a real profession (Spring)
    Ken Heller
  • Serendipity Time Two (Spring)
    John Hubisz
  • Physics First (Spring)
    Leon M. Lederman

Fall 2001 NewsletterSummer 2001 NewsletterSpring 2001 Newsletter

2000 Newsletter

  • Teacher Certification: What you don't know can hurt you!
    Ted Hodapp
  • Glenn Commission Report
    Mary Beth Barrett and Chris Chiaverina

Fall 2000 Newsletter

1999 Newsletters

  • Optics Experiments to GO (Fall)
    Mary Beth Barrett and Chris Chiaverina
  • 1999 AAPT High School Physics Photo Contest (Fall)
  • NSTA Surveys Science teachers on Accuracy of TIMSS (Summer)
  • Writing Textbooks for the Pre-college Audience (April)
  • 700 Students Make Holograms in High School Physics Course (April)

Fall 1999 NewsletterSummer 1999 NewsletterApril 1999 Newsletter 

1997 Newsletter

  • Astronomy Retains International Appeal for Teachers
    Darell Hoff
  • The CPU Project: Students in control of inventing physics ideas
    Fred Goldberg
  • Physics and Toys: Physics Fun for Everyone
    Raymond C. Turner

December 1997 Newsletter

1996 Newsletter 

  • Powerful Ideas in Physical Science: A Model Course
    Cliff Sheppard
  • Interested in pre-College Science Education?
    Jim Nelson

April 1997 Newsletter

1996 Newsletter

Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy 1993-94 Calculus-Based Physics/Mechanics Study
Catherine C. Veal

April 1996 Newsletter