Prizes & Awards

March Meeting Poster Prize Winners

The Division of Soft Matter will also sponsor March Meeting Poster Prizes for students who present exemplary posters at the APS March Meeting 2020. To be considered, posters must be submitted to a DSOFT sorting category, and the student and the student's main advisor must be members of DSOFT in good standing. A brief application form should be filled out by February 23, 2020.

Judging will be based on the following criteria:

  • Scientific content (validity/importance/interest of results, timeliness, etc.)
  • Overall quality (aesthetics, clarity, etc)
  • Oral presentation/discussion with judges

Winners will be notified at the public DSOFT Business Meeting and will receive their certificate and checks after the March Meeting. Award amounts:

  • 1st place: $499
  • 2nd pace: $399
  • 3rd place: $299

2019 Winners

DSOFT had three poster-prize winners at the APS March Meeting 2019.

1st Place
Emergent Dynamics of Paramagnetic Suspensions under Toggled Magnetic Fields
Hojin Kim*, Eric M Furst

2nd Place
Granular flow dynamics in a vibrating system from multiple points of view: Laboratory experiments, continuum modeling, and numerical simulations
Daisuke Tsuji*, Michio Otsuki, Hiroaki Katsuragi

2nd Place
Foamability of Aqueous Solutions of Charged Surfactants and of Surfactant-Polymer Mixtures
Carina Martinez*, Sophia Horowicz, Matthew Wagener, Vivek Sharma

3rd Place
Using Pressure Sensors To Characterize Avalanche Dynamics On A Conical Bead Pile
Katie Shideler*, Susan Lehman

*Bolded names are the students that won.

Nominees for and holders of APS Honors (prizes, awards, and fellowship) and official leadership positions are expected to meet standards of professional conduct and integrity as described in the APS Ethics Guidelines. Violations of these standards may disqualify people from consideration or lead to revocation of honors or removal from office.