Gallery of Soft Matter 2023

Highlighting the Work of Soft Matter Researchers

The Gallery of Soft Matter Physics is a pilot poster and video competition at the APS March Meeting that showcases the elegance and aesthetics of soft matter and highlights the work of the soft matter community to fellow researchers and the general public.

Video winners

Mermaid Cereal Video by Alireza Hooshanginejad, Brown University; Victoria Spradlin, the Wheeler School; Jack-William Barotta, Brown University; Robert Hunt, Brown University; Giuseppe Pucci, CNR; Daniel M. Harris, Brown University

To Clog or Not To Clog? Video by Ben McMillan, University of Cambridge,; Alban Sauret, UC Santa Barbara,; Nathalie Vriend, CU Boulder,

The Life of a Thermal Marangoni Bubble Video by Saurabh Nath, Department of Mechanical Engineering,; Ambre Bouillant, Physics of Fluids Group, Mesa+ Institute, University of Twente,; Panlin Jin, PMMH, CNRS, ESPCI Paris, PSL Research University; Guillaume Ricard, MSC, Université Paris Cité, CNRS; David Quéré, PMMH, CNRS, ESPCI Paris, PSL Research University,

Poster winners

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