Gallery of Soft Matter 2024

Showcase your Soft Matter Science

The Gallery of Soft Matter is a poster and video competition at the APS March Meeting that showcases the elegance and aesthetics of soft matter, to be shared both with fellow researchers and the general public.

Instructions for Entry

Experimental or computational submissions in any subdiscipline related to soft matter are welcome. We are accepting poster or video submissions from teams led by students or postdocs.

  1. Register for the competition before 5 p.m. EST on January 12, 2024.
  2. Submit the final poster or video by February 12, 2024.


Submissions are judged for their combination of striking visual qualities and scientific interest. This competition is distinct from the regular Soft Matter Poster competition, which focuses on more technical content. Posters and videos will be displayed during the APS March for the attendees to view and on the upcoming Gallery of Soft Matter website. The five winners will be invited to present their work as a 36-minute talk at an invited DSOFT session at the APS March Meeting 2025 and have their submission highlighted in an editorial in Physical Review E and in Physics magazine. One of the video/poster winners will be used on T-shirts for the APS March Meeting 2025.
For inspiration, check out the 2023 entries and the Physical Review E editorial featuring the winners.
Questions? Please contact Evelyn Tang at